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  1. This was originally going to be a reply to another thread. But it got of track, I didn't wanna deviate the other person's thread, and take too much space, so I decided to make my own thread. I know I made a similar thread, yesterday, that got deleted, rightfully so I might add, but this time I wanna keep it clean.

    I want this to be a civilized thread.

    I wanna share my religious belief, or lack thereof, and see if anyone feels like me.


    I am gonna try to be polite here, cuz next wrong move and I'm out.

    I was once a Christian, I was always a Christian, at one point, I even became a fundamentalist Christian. I don't consider myself an atheist today, I don't like these labels, anyways. I think we're all the same. We can pick and choose from a number of religions. To me they are all fairy tales. I don't wanna be confrontational or condescending, here. I'm trying to be nice and make my point, but I'm aware it may hurt some, cuz to some religion is true, but to me it is a delusion, so I know this is insulting, but what should I do, I wanna contribute my thoughts, here. Gee, now I'm so worried they'll kick me out.

    Well, I think, I'm being nice so far, if they're gonna ban me, I don't care.

    Back to the subject.

    I was always fascinated with human history, I believe we evolved from apes and that we don't really have much more purpose or worth than ants or monkeys. With civilization, came the irrational belief in a God in the sky. If you're depressed, and this belief helps you. I'm glad it does, really.

    There's more I could add, but I think everything has already been said.

    To me, the evidence is compelling and overwhelming, religion is non-sense.

    Why didn't God give us more clues?

    Christians, when they debate, they're still locked, or absorbed, in their delusion, or if you prefer religion. So I find it impossible to talk to them.

    When you're a Christian, you can't imagine living without 'God'. When you get out of the delusion, you can't believe you've been such a fool.

    To the moderators, non-believers view religion as some form of delusion, I don't mean no disrespect, I am just sharing my views.

    Philosophy is a nice replacement for religion.

    I am not afraid of the unknown. I create my own 'sacre'. I am a dreamer, maybe I'm deluding myself. Even if there is nothing, after we're gone, we won't know it. Before we were born, we didn't exist for an eternity, the past has no start, when we're gone, we might be gone for eternity, since the future has no end. We can only fear, while we're alive.

    I am too much of a optimist to believe there's nothing at the end. Why should EVERYTHING (this life, etc.) be so empty and sad at the end? Why should the mystery of life, of everything, be sad? Maybe, I too, am 'religious', in this way.

    I am not afraid of hell. Even if I like the idea of some people going there, I don't think it exists. It could bring some comfort to believe in it, but will I be deluding myself?

    My religion is UNSELFISHNESS. So I dislike hedonism, materalism, capitalism, greed and pride, etc.

    Some Christians assume if you're not religious that you're 'immoral'. I think my morals and ideals are much more higher and better than any religion I've heard of.


    Reality is boring, we belong in the wild, with monkeys. All our problems are symptoms of civilization.

    Also, I dunno, if there is something after we're gone, I know I said I was an optimist, I'm bringing a correction, I don't think there is something, now, probably because I can't picture any nice 'afterlife', where I'd like to be. If I could, I'd probably delude myself. And when you're deluded, and it feels good, you somehow rationalize it, it must/it could be true.
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  2. Bostonensis

    Bostonensis Guest

    Crystaldon & wimbelclear. I was once part of the flock too until I find out that I can fly bymyself & have my ownn wings. And I can go against the current of the wind & not be afraid .It really got me so mad when my mom was suffering & filled with guilt asking god for forgiveness as she couldn't convert us. The ultimate blow. How much of a wonderful mother she is to me so gifted & compassionate. Whoever hurt my love ones I said hurts me. And so it resonates how much I love the rivers ,the butterflies,the birds & the sound of the rain & nature in general. And the unspoken affinity of nature to me.

  3. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    S.I. So are you agnostic, or do you actually believe in a God, or do you think there is no God but our souls live on after the death of our bodies?

    Also, you say philosophy is a nice replacement for religion. but many philosophies point to a belief in God.

    Anyway, I don't think I really believe in an eternal Hell, and I personally would not like to see ANYONE go there, not even Hitler. What purpose would it serve to torture a human being for all eternity, even after they understand and renounce their mistakes?

    Anyway, I sort of admire your "religion" because it is self-imposed, which is more than you can say for those belonging to specific religions. I will say though that the way you usually rail on people is a form of self-indulgence, but I think this thread is a pretty good one and a step in the right direction.
  4. Christianity, to me, doesn't make sense, ok. It might be true, tho, who knows. I have OCD, and I'm too afraid of Christianity. I like science. There's something big that inhabits me. I'm like a big dreamer or something. Probably manic. If I want something nice to await me after this life, I'll believe it. Cuz, why not? Why should there be nothing, why should life be so sad, at the end. Scientists, usually think, if it can't be proven, it's not true.

    I really don't know, what there's to say, sometimes I feel everything has already been said, and why am I talking... What's my motivation, do I like to hear myself talk. I know I'm krazy for a fact. I'm mental, what am I talking about, now. Yeah, I'm not an agnostic or anything. I told u I don't like these labels. To me, we're all the same, we can pick and choose to believe in any fantasy fairytale.

    If evolution is true, aren't we going to the same place as ants? God, can u believe this, maybe there really is nothing. Maybe this life really is this sad. What a bad condition it is to be a human. But I love it. See, I try to be good and intelligent. I just know, if there is a God, which I doubt, that God will accept me, cuz I'm me and I have a good heart. I don't even mean this pretentiously, I'm just krazy. Blablabla. I feel like writing some poetry, or doing something crazy, instead of talking here, I feel there's nothing to say. I wanna kreate something.

    I'm gonna submit this post, I'm feeling really weird tonight, I might regret this.

    And also, Peanut, I think u have distorted Christianity so badly, that the next step is to let it go, its not for u, now u dont believe in hell. God. Jesus wont hate u, if u leave it, he hasnt given u enough clues that he exists, and science tells us a completely different thing.
  5. ACRon

    ACRon Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to say I hope things work out ok for you SI. The stress in your words pain me. your so intelligent and aware of your surroundings.

    You really don't have to believe in anything to co-exist with religion, honestly. All i know for sure in my experience is that usually All my hatred is usually aimed at myself, and when I get angry I put myself through hell when really there's no need.

    One thing I learned from religion which really helped me was a vague phrasee that i remembered from my childhood, Im probably quoting it wrong but it was something like, "jesus lowered himself, so you could fly high" please don't be angry with me, I'm just sharing one of my experiences in life
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  6. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    SI, I don't think I've distorted it. I've read the Bible, I've done my homework. Just because I disagree on certain points with the Catholic Church or other theologians doesn't mean that I'm wrong or that I am not a true Christian.

    I believe Jesus died for my sins, I believe in the Golden Rule, I believing in trying to be like Jesus even though I fail miserably. Just because I don't believe in Hell doesn't mean I'm a shitty Christian or not a Christian at all. I just believe the doctrine of eternal Hell has been really over-blown and hyped up to frighten people, and I think that true Christianity should be based on Love, not Fear.
  7. Bostonensis

    Bostonensis Guest

    I wonder why there is such a need to be religious.I also wonder if maybe it has something to do with this keyboarde.Damn Greeks.

    I wish they have stop multiplication after Archimedez. We could have been all Chinese or Japanese.

    And then there is the Lama again. Wherever you go....
  8. silent_enigma

    silent_enigma Well-Known Member

    I was a fundie Christian once too. It was a rough transition to go from thinking you have all the answers to realizing nobody really knows anything about God, afterlife, etc. Such answers shall always elude the living.
  9. ~Nobody~

    ~Nobody~ Well-Known Member

    Fantastic post. Just had to chip in and say that, :thumbup:.
  10. Distortion of the Bible. Read the Bible, first. There's more quotes on hate than love. Incredible.
  11. I've read :book: the Bible, and reread it...and then I've read it again. I'll spare you the details but the Bible and its flaws are the main reason that my Christian faith went up in a puff of smoke. I'm simply an evil atheist ! :diablo:
  12. ~Nobody~

    ~Nobody~ Well-Known Member

    Many Christians see little relevant guidance in the Old Testament. I think Jesus is the important one to look to if you want to live a Christian life, in the true sense of the word.
  13. True enough ~Nobody~...but personally I've moved past the desire for having Jesus in my life and we are no longer on speaking terms. :zipped:

    Btw, many Jews see little in none... in the New Testament.

    Here in the States most Christians are almost obsessed with the O.T. There are powerful groups who want to forcibly post the Ten Commandments in all government buildings ( Google search term " Alabama, Judge Roy Moore" ) but they keep running into the problem of
    Separation of Church:pope: and State:unclesmil....thank you Thomas Jefferson ! :shake:

    Peace ! :patriot:
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  14. Sorcery

    Sorcery Member

    I would just like to point out that Christianity=/= religion. Being a former Catholic myself, I stand by many of the same opinions you have stated, suicide_ideation.However, I am able to find salvation through both Buddhism and Hinduism, and I encourage you to check both of these religions out. The main focus is bettering oneself, and less on the supernatural. As opposed to striving for a blissful, everlasting joy, these religions help you to gain control over your emotions, which really helps me out when i need solace. I hope you will give one of these a shot :smile:.
  15. Please describe the belief systems of these two religions ( or provide links ). I'm an atheist and of course don't believe in supernatural workings but anything that helps control my f*cking :loopy::Jumpy::furious::weee: emotions is of interest to me.
  16. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    The crux of Buddhism revolves around the four noble truths, and practicing the Eightfold Path in order to cease all suffering in your life.

    The Four Noble Truths

    1. Life means suffering.

    2. The origin of suffering is attachment.

    3. The cessation of suffering is attainable.

    4. The path to the cessation of suffering.

    Hindus are the world's cherry-pickers re: religion and beliefs. Almost nothing is set in stone for them, not even the existence of God. Some are polytheists, some are monotheists, some are atheists, and many accept the existence of many Gods while being devoted to one in particular.

    For peace of mind and a bit more consistency, I recommend studying Buddhism.
  17. Sorcery

    Sorcery Member

    Well put, peanut0017:cool:. Mastery of suffering is certainly something we all (especially on this forum) wish to attain. I encourage you, PDW, to try and get a rounded perspective on this religion, as much is lost in translation to english.
  18. Thanks peanut.

    You are a well-rounded person, knowledgeable in many diverse subjects. You are not easily categorized ( ie, I'm still trying to figure you out :confused: ) but I see that as a virtue in you. You don't view the world with blinders on...and that's a good thing.:yes:
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  19. Thanks to you as well Sorcery. I may force myself to peek at Buddhism.

    Peace ! :smile:
  20. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Thanks to both Sorcery and PDW :)

    PDW...I appreciate your comments :) I really try not to discount anything and my search has led me to many different places. Ex: I went through a phase where I wanted to understand Satanism, so I joined lots of Satanic forums to try and figure out what the deal was with worshiping the Devil and such (I mean, if you believe in God and the Devil, it seems like a real losing battle to side with the Prince of Darkness!). Turns out, Satanists don't believe in God OR Satan, they just aspire to Luciferian ideals such as rebellion, belief in the power of the individual and personal accountability among MANY other things. I was shocked!

    Actually, if you want to have a REALLY intelligent conversation, try Satanic forums. Some of these people are bloody brilliant philosophers.

    Anyway, I think Buddhism might really help you find some peace PDW, because it really is all about eradicating suffering in your life, compassion, meditation (which, whether you believe in the supernatural or not, has some real psychological and even physiological benefits), etc.

    Transcendental meditation is also VERY interesting.

    I once read a book called "Sati" by Christopher Pike, about a 20-something woman who hitches a ride with a trucker and stays with him for about a week, all the while claiming to be God. Awesome book and related to transcendental meditation.

    I really hope you find something to give you peace, PDW :biggrin:
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