My Own Path to destruction

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    I run down the straight and narrow path
    Planned ahead of me before I knew myself
    I shake my head,
    Stop my feet
    I lift my arms
    I flap my wings
    I fly up high
    Worries forgotten

    Ignoring the screams
    The shouts of others
    Telling me to stay
    But they are all forgotten
    Following the path
    Already chosen
    The one I abandoned.

    Flap my wings
    Never say goodbye
    Look to the sky
    Tears in my eyes
    Freedom is free
    Freedom is joy
    Freedom is bliss
    Freedom is me

    I chuckled
    I hum
    I dance with the stars
    The moon on my back
    Swaying left to right
    Right to left
    Flying to the wind’s voice
    Flying to the music in me
    Never been so free

    Music plays
    Cutting through the stars
    Through the moonlight
    From the human cries
    I look to the source
    And see
    A family calling for me
    But as I get close
    I see my path
    The one they choose
    They want me to have

    I fly back up
    Wind in my hair
    No troubles again
    Just me in the air
    I watch as my home and such crumble
    The world is turned hollow
    The poison reaches to me
    But I am too free
    My wings did that for me
    I chuckle flying higher
    Past the clouds
    Past the mountains

    I feel a sadness
    The home destroyed
    Plunged into darkness
    The sun comes about
    The light
    I smile sweetly
    A strong breeze in the air
    I laugh joyfully
    Nothing I care

    The sun is binding me
    The moon is freeing me
    The earth clawing me
    The people taunting me
    Loved ones leaving me

    Tear stricken face
    Angel crying softly
    The burning
    The hurting
    Taking control

    No more suffering….
    … … … … …
    No more anything….

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    :hug: Brilliant !!
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