My own worst enemy...

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  1. hypnus9

    hypnus9 New Member

    I was just looking in the mirror thinking back to a time when I thought myself my own worst enemy, and remembered the words of Jesus: "Love your enemies." I had also been playing my guitar, and had been watching Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen on YouTube pondering these words of Jesus because I could not help until tonight to even look at him without hating him. Yngwie was, for all of my hatred of him, even though he and I are not personally acquainted, ruining my life and making me miserable. But where he and I both are concerned, these words of Jesus, "Love your enemies," really takes the inner edge off, and all of a sudden, I have hope again for myself. I have resolved to whenever I look in the mirror to consider myself my own worst enemy and to love that enemy looking back at me in the mirror. It really gives me a new perspective on everything. Thanks for listening. I hope this is of help to anyone in personal misery and emotional pain. Jesus' words really are life, light, spirit and truth just like the Bible says. I hope they work for you. Cheers.
  2. morning rush

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    wow that is interesting. I never thought of that. It's a great idea to try :) thanks for sharing :hug:
  3. Daphna

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    HalleluYah :hug:
    What a powerful testimony.
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