my own worst enemy

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  1. unknown loner

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    My own worst enemy

    I can’t get you outta me
    I didn’t want to see my desire
    Like a rain drop
    I wanted you to fade away

    I wrapped my heart in barbed wire
    To keep my self from giving it to you
    I kept the door locked
    To keep you out

    I thought I was alone
    I thought you were another angel eye passing by
    But I wasn’t alone
    And you did just pass by

    I let my head get in the way
    I left my heart cold
    Is your heart cold
    Because your head wasn’t in the way

    I drove you away
    By walking away
    I avoided your hand
    To avoid the warmth and love

    But is it too late?

    Did I fade?
    Will you keep me out?
    Will you ever pass by?
    Are you walking away?
  2. Petal

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    Lovely poem, thanks for sharing. :heart:
  3. NotSureAnymore

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