My parents, how can I be their daughter again?

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    I've really messed up my relationship with my parents.
    I've lied to them so much.
    I yell at them, call them names, tell them I don't respect them.

    Now they don't trust me (which I most obviously deserve), and they don't even really like me.

    I want my parents to love me like they used to.
    I want to stop hurting them.

    But I don't know how, because they just make me SO mad sometimes.
    Especially my mother...I can't deal well with my mother.

    I just don't know what to do. I'm so lost
    I don't think they could ever trust me again, because I don't think they'll believe me if I say I'm sorry, or if I say anything really.
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    If you want them to love you like they used to, go to them and talk. Let them know how you feel but tell them why. If it's because you lead a different lifestyle, try to explain to them why you choose to live that way. If it has to do with your desire to become and EMT, tell them why.

    But tell them you want them to love you for who you are and what you choose to do

    Then you have done all you's up to them. Hopefully they will accept you. If not right away, maybe they will adapt to the situation eventually.

    In any event, they will understand you better. I wish you the best. Maybe this ties in with your career chocie so I'll answer there as well.
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    You will always have your parents love trust maybe another issue. You have to earn the trust back by showing them you are being honest and open with them.
    I don't know if things can ever truly be the same as they once were but you can start to change things between you now by just telling them how much you care for them and respect them They love you relationships can get so complicated but if there is open communication and honesty then that will pave the road to better things ahead
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    the good thing is, there are so many variables to getting the respect and trust back. These things can be broken, but hopefully with caring parents, if you can prove to yourself you can change then they will see this also.

    I think there is a start with behaviour. ( im not sure how old you are - i usually indicate that as one of the other variables to aid progression ) Over time, if you can resist from the lies and insults then it will start to get better. You should find no reason to lie to them - so be more open, tell them the truths and how things are. It becomes much easier when you create that type of relation.

    The thing with your mother. Youre not alone. It can get better.

    What complications are you having with her? How severe are the lies?

    All in good time, and we will help try to put you on the right tracks!

    Keep it up :) xxx