My Personal Beatrice

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  1. I never held you in my arms or felt you close to my body,
    But I will always feel the radiance from your soul,
    Your silky skin and warm flesh is something that I will never taste,
    Yet visions of heaven rest solely in your eyes,

    Your beauty beckons me towards you,
    Even though you will never need me,
    Surrounded by flames I can still see your light,
    The aura that keeps you safe will keep you away from me,

    For me you will always be out of reach, yet never out of sight,
    We will never touch in our dreams, but we will be together in my fantasy,
    My love is always with you, while your thoughts are never with me,
    You exist in a world I can never attain, but can only imagine,

    Till death you are with me, but in life I can not be with you,
    I’ve fallen for you and you will never know me,
    My idol, my princess, my personal Beatrice,
    You will never be mine but, I will always be yours.
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    Amazing!!! :hug:
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    Really Good!
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