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Why do some parents not understand?

Why do some parents think we're able to cope when we're at our lowest points?
My parents were divorced almost 6 years ago. It still haunts me till this day. We were such a happy family, then mum got sick.
Last time I saw her she was so skinny, but I'm not one to bodyshame. What I mean is, why do parents always criticize their children on several topics?
"You're too skinny!"
Children try. We really do, we hate being called names regarding our weight if you're fat or skinny, its horrible.
Children who are underweight really try to eat food. They just throw it up, sometimes I gag on my food, literally. It's not because its not nice or anything, it just happens.
I think it could be the texture of the food? But I don't know, I self diagnose a lot. I searched it up and I do believe I think I'm growing an eating disorder.
I'm getting skinnier and skinnier by the month. My dad would call me "thin as a pull through for a rifle" or something like that.
Parents always never understand, I feel like children should be kept off school if they're really crying for a day off because they're scared they'll get called names, in case someone mentions their weight and stuff. (Like me)
Begging, name calling, parental alienation, threatening, you name it, this has all happened to me and I want to put a stop to it.


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I think some people just aren't made to be parents. And some people aren't TAUGHT how to be parents by their parents.
I know how hard it is at your age to get help, and prevent yourself from developing an eating disorder without parents that want to help you, and I'm so sorry you have to go through that. *hug
I don't really know much about eating disorders and don't want to give bad advice, but if you can't eat entire meals, maybe instead of 3 normal meals, you could try 4-5 smaller meals?

I'm sorry you're being bullied, and criticized for things you have no control over. Everyone here is here for you, and we won't judge you.


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I have to totally agree with @Gwyrdd on this one, some people just dont know how to be parents. There are no compulsory tests before becoming one, or courses you have to take, you just push out a kid and everyone leaves you to raise them however you like, its kinda irresponsible really...

As for bullying, I had a bit of that, I was in fights all the time, I was spat on, my stuff stolen and thrown away if I turned by back on it for a second, hell, I was even thrown down a flight of stairs once for no reason at all. I would say "kids can be cruel" but honestly kids can be little sociopaths if they havent grown out of it yet.

I wish I had advice for you, but I didnt really have any useful tricks at the time, and I think I'm too out of touch now to just make up anything useful at this point, except that I wished I had a more people in my life who at least tried to understand, and in that vein, welcome to SF, a place where people honestly do try to understand.

I hope things improve, and if they do or not, there are always people here to listen.

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