My phone is useless now

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    I'm so fucking frustrated. I was making a difficult phone call and that shit was so frustrating I just raged and threw my phone and the door. It landed on the floor and now it's just fucked up. More importantly, I'm fucked up. I've cut myself, I've cried, I even considered overdosing, but I didn't, because I guess there's still a purpose. I've borderline disorder and I go to therapy. HOW IS IT EVEN FUCKING POSSIBLE TO 'THINK STRAIGHT' WITH THIS DISORDER? Can someone tell me? Please? I really don't want my relationships to suffer and end because of this. I just want to be young, happy and hopeful while I'm still young. I hate myself so much. I don't even think I deserve to have a good life. When my boyfriend is away - I just want to end it all. But when he's here, I'm also sad. :( It takes strength from every cell in my body to try to stay normal, AND THEN I FUCKING SNAP LIKE I DID AN HOUR AGO. It CAN NOT stay this way. PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING THAT MIGHT HELP ME, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL :(
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    So sorry you are struggling Roots.
    Do you take any meds for your BPD?

    Hope you feel calmer and can ease up the cutting. Therapy may help, but it is not a quick fix. How long have you been going?