My physical health... The second opinion

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    I wanted to get my levels of low cortisol looked into and yesterday was the day I met the endocrinologist. She has done some tests and reviewed my old tests. Her conclusion is that i have Peripheral nerve damage and that my adrenal glands are not working properly, she's doing thyroid tests now too and has said she is not expecting good results. She was a lovely caring doctor and even called my mum in and explained everything to her. (I might have some words mixed up as its a complicated illness) but at least now i know that it was not all in my mind. Waiting again now for test results but at least I know that there is something wrong and there's a big possibility of fixing it.
    lets see how it goes from here It's just a shame how much money I have had to pay private doctors.

    In the past they have told me I had chron's, inflammatory bowel disease. I don't even know if those 2 dx are still there as i'm seeing different doctors but assume they are as have not been told otherwise. Just glad i finally know what is wrong , its a huge relief taken off my shoulders.
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    I'm glad you've finally found out what's wrong. She sounds like she is motivated and cares enough to help you to get better, which is great. It's frustrating suffering with something and not getting answers for it, so well done for persisting with it :)
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    Thank you caspar :hugs:

    Yes she was like a mom figure and took my complaints seriously. She thinks something may be off with my thyroid too, waiting on those tests to come back. I am glad I kept pushing until I got answers as I knew something was wrong but was wracking my brain as to what, now i know :)