my plans are ruined, all because of a razor blade

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  1. blazalaza

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    I realized today i cant join the army because im mentally unstable. i read this and just about offed myself. :

    Per Medical Regulation AR 40-501 it states:
    Current mood disorders including, but not limited to, major depression (296.2–3), bipolar (296.4–7), affective psychoses (296.8–9), depressive not otherwise specified (311), are disqualifying.
    - History of mood disorders requiring outpatient care for longer than 6 months by a physician or other mental health professional (V65.40), or inpatient treatment in a hospital or residential facility is disqualifying.
    - History of symptoms consistent with a mood disorder of a repeated nature that impairs school, social, or work efficiency is disqualifying.
    History of suicidal behavior, including gesture(s) or attempt(s) (300.9), or history of self - mutilation, is disqualifying.

    my whole life revolved around joining the army and workign my way up into the world and thats what i was going to do for college.

    i have NO money for college, would very unlikey qualify for scholarships.
    my life is so pointless now. its ruined

    I want to poor hot wax all over my legs and cover up all my scars with one big one that i can pass off as an accident.
  2. stuckinchicago6

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    Don't do the wax. You will only feel worse afterwards. Honestly, army probably would have been rough anyway. Do you qualify for any financial aid? Maybe even a student loan. sucks to be in debt, but you can eventually pay it off.
  3. blazalaza

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    well... i havent looked into that because ive wanted to join the army so bad.
    i feel like since i qualify for foodstamps and have to go to the foodbank and have no money like i would be able to qualify for financial aid.

  4. stuckinchicago6

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    I would think you would be able to qualify for it more. Keep your head up. You will find a way. I am in a tight situation myself with no help from my family.
  5. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    Go to plan B.

    Apply to some public schools in your state (if you're in the States), including community colleges, where you're more likely to get more need-based financial aid and grants through them. I would not recommend getting any private loans.

    How is your life pointless and ruined? You haven't even exhausted all the options still available to you yet.
  6. Mikeintx

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    Worse case you could try and join up and just not say anything.