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my plans got messed up...

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It's not fair... I wanted to kill myself soon, I'm thinking about it for too long, I have no interest in things around me anymore, I'm ready, I've planned the thing through and I'm sure about it...

But today my dad told me he had an argument this friday with his boss who had been bullying him for a year and a half, dad told him he's going to suit him, and today he's going to find out what's going to happen about it... Then he says my mom is having problems with her job status and she has to take care about tax something...

This is obviously a hard time for them and they have a lot to cope with, they have to have clear minds to go through that... Why did he have to tell me just today what they're dealing with? :dry: Now I have to wait until they settle some things, I can't do this to them right now... goddamn...
you have to put your family first you wouldnt be just killing yourself but them also, talk to them and sort your shit out mate its the only way to get through it pal
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