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my poem and why i am alive

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by so long and goodnight, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. so long and goodnight

    so long and goodnight Active Member

    this is my poem i wrote and what it is reffering to is the only reason why i am alive. when i thought i had no friends, she was always there for me.

    as i inhale, and think the most randomest thoughts
    i suddenly feel eased, and no longer distraught.
    the luxurious crystals of the bud gleams
    lovely weed please infiltrate my bloodstream

    ever since i found you, you had a hold of me,
    because your high has got me laughing uncontrollably.
    you bless me with your beloved, euphoric feeling,
    and cure my injuries with your herbal healing.

    body, mind, spirit, all collecitvely fusing,
    eyelids hanging over my eyes, in a few ill be snoozing.
    smiling for no reason, im so damn content,
    im gettin higher and higher, each time i hotbox your scent

    the ganja so gallantly gleaming and green got me gasping for air galore,
    im attracted like magnets its magic and massive i manage to mate me some more.
    im ablaze as i laze and im blazing that haze as im grazing these long ass days,
    im praising your ways and im so damn amazed when i roll a joint of juicy jays.

    im lovin your luscious lil' lady like leaves youre a need i cant pretend,
    i embrace your euphoric enjoyable notion, marijuana; my friend to the end
  2. beautiful.

    also interesting coincidence (synchronicity) cuz just bfr I checked SF and saw this thread I was taking a bath and dreaming of weed. but i can't have it anymore :(

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.