My Poem for my Nina

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Tarthenol, Aug 24, 2006.

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    I wrote this poem about two years ago when me and my babe were going through a bad patch.....if only i took its advice on board....

    To my Nina,

    Heres my poem:

    The Ice Queen and the Distant Prince

    The Queen she was a beauty, a sight for all to see,

    Wise and Regal and Kind and True,

    She walked with the high and the low and the learned,

    And she always was the same,

    But one day a prince came to her, a man of pride and pain,

    He took the Queen out of her world and she never was the same,

    She thought he was a King, but he didn't feel the same way,

    He thought himself too low and base and so he hid his glory,

    He was a kind soul at heart, a man who loved simple and true,

    But in his heart was a demon, a darkness that liked to consume,

    And as he fought with the demon, the Queen she wondered why for?

    She wanted to save her prince, but she couldn't and here is why,

    The Princes' demon was himself and only he could slay the beast,

    But too often the battle erupted and the Queen and Prince did have to part ways,

    And only then did he see, how and why he could slay the dark,

    So gathered his weapons and armour, he took counsel from comrades most sage,

    And he bore arms against his darkness; He battled with unfettered rage,

    He fought the talons of gluttony,

    He slayed the devil of sloth,

    He calmed the wyvern of jealousy and he conquered the beast of wrath,

    He drowned the lust of insation,

    He drew swords against damnable greed,

    He battle and battled and battled and thought he had won the day,

    Until he realised to his error that these demons don't just go away,

    So he set up a picket of righteousness and he built him a fort of trust and he set about guarding the demons,

    In case they should ever return,

    All the while the Queen was weeping,

    Thinking her prince was gone for good,

    Yet he was only a heartbeat away in her mind,

    Yet she did not recognise him as he stood,

    For her Prince had changed to someone different, a man who stood high and tall, a King to all who saw as he stood at his dark-knighted wall.

    And the King he still stands there a guarding, the demons who would take him once more, his heart yearns for his Queen, his soul eternally sore,

    Yet she never comes to see him, at the fort where he holds evil in check, for she thought if he were to see his beloved, he would abandon his sentry for her…….

    But of course that poem is completely wrong, because I am not that Prince, never was.....

    I could be that prince, that king, if only, only that I had the strenght.....
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