my poem i made in class 1 day

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  1. Angelo_91

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    One morning I heard The Sound of the Sun and I felt that the Sand will Turn to Glass,
    but i was Still Dreaming.
    If you could see into my soul, you would understand My Disaster,
    and realize we are Worlds Apart.
    That night I felt vanity and greed,
    I agreed to Love With Caution even if I feel the True Romance in Bodies and Words.

    Back in the summer stellars gaze, I remember my friends in fall river.
    Here today, gone tomorrow in the ides of March, it felt like the dawn of fall.
    In the last days of summer, I wish I could forget you.
    I felt like Giving Up but then I saw the red light pledge.
    I knew I couldn't defend you, if only you could hear me out.
    But I guess, I should Call It Karma.

    Waiting Four Years, I was one with the Weak and the Wounded and it felt forever and a day.
    Late in November, I woke up, Fist Wrapped In Blood, I remembered it,
    Like Your Sword vs. My Dagger... Always And Never.
    Three Hours BAck, I felt smashed into pieces,
    So I took My Heroine.
    I began to Discover The Waterfront and I felt like My Heart Bled No More.

    In my Consolation, I knew you were still Smiling In Your Sleep, and that I was Already Dead.
    When Broken is Easily Fixed,
    I will Save Myself.

  2. Petal

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    Amazing poem, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing :hug:
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