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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by EricS, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. EricS

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  2. EricS

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    Something Must Be Wrong With Me

    Something must be wrong with me with all this pain inside.
    I'm always bursting with anger and never any pride.

    Something must be wrong with me if all I can do is cry.
    Why can't I stop this pain? Please just let me die.

    Something must be wrong with me with all these terrible thoughts and feelings.
    Always there and never gone, depression is what it brings.

    Something is truly wrong with me when I think there's only one way out.
    "Please God, let this pain end" is all my heart can shout.
  3. EricS

    EricS Member

    I wasn't too sure what to title this one... but I chose:


    Sometimes I wish, that I could run away and hide.
    But no matter where I go, these feelings stay inside.

    I see the pain I'm causing you, with every tear that drops.
    I plead with you now mother, please let me go; I need this pain to stop.

    I wish I could take you with me, to a better and happy place.
    Whether or not it exists though, it is time for me to face.

    May I ask you for your forgiveness? Can you set me free?
    I may seem ungrateful, but life isn't meant for me.

    Thank you for all your love, for all the time we shared.
    It means the world to me, to know that someone cared.
  4. confuzzle

    confuzzle Well-Known Member

    I really like your poems EricS.
    I didn't like poetry much before, but I find now that it is a way of helping me get things off my chest. Just ranting and writing it wouldn't really help. However, poetry is a nice little device that catches it for me.
    I really can see that you put yourself in your writing.
    Just wondering, is there a reason for your breaks? Or is just to keep the focus?
  5. EricS

    EricS Member


    Yes :)

    I'm going to post them as I can. Most are original, some are ones that I found that I like, over the years, and have modified them to fit how I feel/what I'm thinking.

    I also find writing this out helps in some way :)
  6. jenn

    jenn Member

    i think your poems are really good, when i feel confussed i write it in a poem and then reading it back things dosn't seem soo bad as they sound a loty simpler I hope this is the same for you keep on writing.

  7. EricS

    EricS Member

    I'm glad you like my poems, :)
  8. Almostgone

    Almostgone Member

    You are a beautiful writer. thank you so much for sharing.
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