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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by *dilligaf*, Jun 15, 2008.

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    I have NEVER been able to write poems but in the last three days I have wrote two that I am brave enough to show you. I don't think they are any good but they have helped me to feel better so :smile:

    The first one you've already seen but I want to have them all in one thread:

    It's been a year since I lost you Nan,
    And I still think of you everyday.
    I love and miss you all the time,
    In every single way.

    I close my eyes and think of you
    When I'm alone at night.
    I can't forget that day, Nan.
    Try as I might.

    My tears still fall when I think of it,
    And remember all your pain.
    I'm glad you are now at peace,
    And wont suffer again.

    Remember how much I love you Nan,
    That will always stay the same.
    You are always with me,
    Until we meet again.


    a year ago today
    you closed your eyes and slipped away.
    you left without a fuss
    and broke the hearts of all of us.

    the pain is so real
    it's all i can feel.
    i look to the sky above
    and remember you with love.

    even though you're not here
    I can still feel you near.
    you're in every ray of light,
    every beautiful sight.
    every birds that sings,
    and in all the joy life brings.

    so on this day i pray to you
    to look down on me like i want you to.
    and to know how much i love you
    and i ALWAYS will do.​
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Not open for further replies.