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    I have a few, so pardon the long post :D

    Crippler Cliques
    (this one's about being bullied in school)

    You crawl on the ground
    afraid to stand up
    jumping at a chance
    to pull somebody down

    You cling to the crowd
    afraid to stand out
    eager for a chance
    to push somebody out

    Your life has no meaning
    you're trying to belong
    spit on, laugh at, trample down
    even if it's wrong

    If you'd just find a moment
    and open your mind
    you'd realise there's nothing
    no reason to cause all this pain

    School Frustrations

    Schools don't educate
    they teach us to fear
    and surrender to fate

    Schools make learning dull
    memorizing details is simply no fun

    Of course it's all indirect
    it's hidden so well that
    no-one would suspect
    that it's here and it's there
    look around, it's not fair

    You turn to the class
    and ask a question

    I would gladly reply
    if I were so inclined

    But something else is on my mind
    learning of a different kind

    The things that mean the most to me
    are good and pure and true and free

    I speak with a friend
    and I'm punished for that
    when I try to defend
    I'm thrown out for backchat

    Respect is something
    that you have to earn
    but you yell, demand
    and give none in return

    Used to be

    There used to be respect here
    when it wasn't in demand
    excellence in atmosphere
    kindness all around
    but advertising those facts
    wouldn't work in this town

    emphasizing other things
    removing many choices
    one by one they disappear
    silencing our voices

    you protect yourself from open minds
    as you shrug the blame away
    took a chance with one of a kind
    and then lied to save your name

    you started by ignoring
    and slowly grew to greed
    now all the good has fallen
    because of one bad seed.

    Fire Escape

    I'm standing here watching
    but I won't interfere
    it hurts...
    but I'll burn

    the voices of reason are waiting outside
    safe and sound in the cold
    their safety ensures that they'll never discover
    what it really means to burn

    the arrows on the wall scream at me
    "the exit is right this way!"
    thanks for the tip, but I'm going in deeper
    I have an inferno to find

    it'll be a long journey
    and I'll go it alone
    these are flames you can't smother
    I will gladly burn

    closer and closer, can I contain it?
    the warmth really overwhelms
    I must be insane, but I've made up my mind:
    safety is for cowards

    I will never turn back
    I'll be one with the flames
    they will rage on long after I'm gone...

    I am invincible.
  2. *hugs tight* some of these are really good
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