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  1. Synesthetic Soul

    Synesthetic Soul Well-Known Member

    I can't remember when I wrote this. Sometime if February of '07.

    Pink, Magenta, Blue

    Writing. I get this nation to write.
    It's a feeling that says, "Express yourself."
    I used to write poetry, but for some reason,
    I can't anymore.

    Time-consuming things keep me away.
    I don't have time for myself.
    I have no time to express this feeling of flow;
    the feeling I get when I listen to music.
    Flow colors everything.

    Here it is: the embodiment of music:
    "When a sighing begins in the violins…"1
    The notes resonate in my soul.
    The sound flows through my veins
    like a silk river. The colors flow
    and melt into each other like children's paint.

    The instruments send out a story,
    and the notes dance along in the air.
    It is a sweet sound they make.
    Imagine the most lovely flower bed,
    filled with many colors and sweet scents.
    Let your body float across the river
    of colors and sink into its beauty.
    Become the music… feel the music
    breathe and cry the music, for it is
    the most lovely thing.

    Let the trickle of notes
    fill your ears and tickle your lips.
    Let the crescendo explode in your senses,
    and force you to dance.
    Do not ignore your urge
    to express the music.
    Let the sweet voice of the opera singer
    pierce you. It is like string
    for your marionette soul.
    It keeps you together and
    manipulates you.

    Then, as the music slows and
    fades, come down and rest
    the physical pillow.
    The spiritual pillow is no longer there.
    There it is, the flow and, drop of music.
    Words cannot truly express music,
    but I did my best.
    Music has become my muse.
    It has freed me, and I can write again.
    I have finally found time to express myself.
    I have destroyed my writer's block.

    1 Chanson d'Automne from Paul Verlaine's Poèmes saturniens (1867)
  2. Xenos

    Xenos Well-Known Member

    :eek:hmy: ....Wow. Amazing poetry.
  3. Synesthetic Soul

    Synesthetic Soul Well-Known Member

    Danke. Here's another

    12AM (Written at 12am, 2/3/2009)

    It's 12 am. The clock ticks in an almost calming way. Short waves of brownish gold and goldish brown. I lie here, alone. I think of you. Your soft lips, your sweet smile, the skin I love. I miss you dearly and my heart aches to see you. To kiss you. To hold you close, so close your body sinks into mine and we truly become one. Truly become one. I miss your soft moans. The ones you make when I caress your back. Arms. Face. Your hair is now short but that doesn't stop me from running my fingers through it. Scratching your head softly. You smile.
    But you're not here now. You're away. Too far away. I can't reach for you. Touch you. I want you. I miss you. I want to whisper my soul into your ears and breathe in as you breathe out. I want to feel you fill me with your love. Our love. We're one. I want to smell your gentle breath. That overwhelming blue. The one that sometimes replaces the calming and soft yelloworange. I want to make love with you. Fill our bodies with purple, and let the passions we share take over. I want to melt away from this world with you. It falls apart when we're one. No walls, no bed, no building, no trains, no car, no people. Just us. A world of darkness centered by the white that is our bodies, and the purple that is our love.
    I want to hold you afterwards. Breathe with you. Cover myself with you. And just fall asleep with you. I want to wake up to your smile. Your kisses. Your good morning. I'm still high off of you. High off our love. I want to cuddle in bed, roll around. Kiss, laugh, cry, play. Talk. Talk about our now. What we have and how amazing it is. You're so amazing. And I miss you. At 12AM.

    To my special someone. My other half.
    Love: Stephanny
  4. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    This is truly amazing. Both pieces. Bravo
  5. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Amazing :hug: :)
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