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  1. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    Poem of Sorrow
    Here they come
    Those thoughts of you
    They're leaving me
    Without a clue.

    Once upon
    A little while
    Something that happened
    Put me in denial

    I had no idea
    How to react
    But my heart
    Was not intact

    Here i am now
    Been lonely
    You wonder how

    I have a boyfriend
    He loves me so
    But sometimes
    I just don't know

    My heart is sad
    It makes me mad
    Everything I do is bad!

    Here I am
    My mind's confused
    Because of a guy
    I feel so used

    Now I feel
    So betrayed
    Because of someone
    Who swore he'd stay

    I told him everything
    Don't you see?
    Oh, he meant
    The world to me

    I did some things
    I shouldn't have done
    The consequences
    Weren't fun

    I lost my friends
    Except for three
    They diffinatly mean
    The world to me.

    I became depressed
    I'm always upset
    Which means my pillows
    Are always wet.

    This is the end
    The end of the line
    I miss the life
    I left behind

    This is the end
    Goodbye my friend
    Suicide is not a trend

    (this poem is not my best, i have a couple others)


    Wake up, felt like shit
    This is the end, the end of it
    Couldn't stay home, mom wouldn't let me
    Feeling sick, no parent pity

    I'm sick of writing about my selfishness
    God, I am for sick of this
    But then again, who cares?
    I'm better off falling down stairs!

    I'll post on the forum but it doesn't matter
    They'll ignore me, keep up the chatter
    No one I know will understand
    Or even have a helping hand

    My friends don't get how I feel
    What I do to insure I'm real
    The pain I go through, just to show
    I'm the only one to fucking know

    One sided opinions, they're no fun
    No sense wearing tank-tops in this sun
    Although the heat is awful and hot
    To show bare arms, I can not

    A good friend hates my boyfriend, that's cruel!
    The start of ta powerful duel
    Who will be the one to win
    Is fighting because of friends a sin?

    So goodbye, one and all
    Don't bother catching me as I fall
    And smash my head into the wall.

    (this was about a week ago, but I got the forum thing all sorted out)


    Some School
    Out of this school
    So long, fair well
    Get me out of this hell
    Regina's a bitch, that's no lie
    Everyday I wanna cry.

    This school has a facade
    They're nice, they care
    But only when parents are there.
    Some teachers here are horrid
    The way the act is really morbid.

    The price to come is incomprehensible
    I need the money for collage and a car
    Without it I won't get real far
    Plus they have a million drives
    Giving money to save lives.

    The girls here are faker than fake
    Although that isn't a possibility
    The girls here are from more than one city
    I'd had to drive all over the state
    To hang with these girls, but not too late.

    This school is doing me no good.
    No one here can be trusted fully and true
    And now day, I will seek rue
    No one likes me, this I know
    Or no one will when my friends all go.

    (about the school that I begged my parents to enroll me in)


    Bloody Truths
    Do you feel it?
    Ah, it's nice
    Feel the blood with every slice.

    Yeah, I cut
    The other day
    And now the shame won't go away.

    I let down
    Those so dear
    Making real one of their fear

    Why be sweet?
    I like sour
    Feel the burn within the shower.

    Cutting on my floor
    Don't you dare open the door

    I thought
    I could live without it
    But that was a load of shit.

    Every time
    A blade is in view
    I think of what I can do.

    Forced to wear
    Long shirts and jeans
    You an look, by all means

    Cutting gives me adrenalin.

    (I cut while writing this, there's blood on the paper:eek:hmy:)


    (Name TBA)
    It makes me feel real
    This I swear
    The way that I deal
    With things I can't bare.

    Start with the right
    Not too deep
    I do this through the night
    I'm real quiet, never make a peep

    I only do it once a week
    Ll the fighting makes me sink
    Anyone finds out, I'll be a freak
    Admitting it turns my face pink.

    I have best friends to trust
    They're nice but awful new
    They're my life, my diffinate must.
    Though I can't trust them, if only they knew

    Sometimes this life is such a drag
    nothing exciting happens anyway
    I should put my head in a bag
    People would like it, at least that's what I say

    I'm the girl who has
    A heart of steel
    But if I spazz
    Don't make it an ordeal.

    I'm the one with a soul of gold
    The one who dies before she's old.

    (written during an awful day in math class)


    I hope you liked them.
    Tell me what you think
    And if I should pursue writing.
  2. UndeadCynic

    UndeadCynic Member

    Several of those were rather well written. As for pursuing an education or a career in writing, you have potential and talent; if you enjoying writing, then you should pursue that goal.
  3. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    thank you Undead.
    it means a lot that someone read those..
  4. AlexDanish

    AlexDanish Account Closed

    You should work on improving the flow of a couple of the poems. But some of them had a very good rhyme scheme and overall look. The one about cutting was particularly excellent.

    You clearly have alot of talent!
  5. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    lovely poems hun :heart:
  6. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    thank you. for the kind words and advice :hug:

    these were, basically, all written during school and i wasnt in the right frame of mind, so i didnt concentrate on the flow as much as i should have :blush
  7. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    The Wonderful World of Anxiety Attacks
    Here I am
    Standing in the ocean
    Getting burried
    In the sea
    I don't wanna life like this forever
    The blue is ingulfing me

    And here I am
    On my knees
    Falling down, way down
    Hold my hand
    Help me up, make me free
    Help me see.

    Help me see the white
    Give me the strength to sleep at night
    Help me to love again
    Help my sorry heart to mend

    Sick of forums
    Sick of meds
    Sick of therapy
    And hopspital beds
    Sick of wanting myself dead
    Putting that imaginary gun to my head
    Sick of lies
    Confusion's here
    Hard to keep my loved ones near.

    Death is here
    I am gone
    Hope you liked my little song.


    Another Horrid Day
    This is my chance to shine
    I'll show you waht's mine
    Grab some sissors, here we go
    Time for my little show

    Start high, then down the arm
    Make it to the wrist, I'm doing no harm
    Don't you seem? It's all for show
    Cutting, why, don't you know?

    I do it when I'm feeling mad
    Or sometimes when my heart is sad
    Imperfections tell me I'm real
    This is life, I have to deal.

    I hate going to school then coming home
    Everywhere I feel alone
    Teachers are mean and they're all bitches
    They remind me of Halloween witches.

    Home isn't fun at all
    I sick to my lowest, then I fall
    Dad yealls at me about school
    Mom thinks that "C"s aren't cool.

    I hide my arms day and night
    Showing shoulders isn't right
    No more tanktops during summer
    And you think that'd be a bummer
    But really, there are consequences
    Touch and smell are powerful senses
    Feel and smell blood the releasing
    Available skin is steadily decreasing
  8. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    Hopelessness and Despair
    When I'm sorryr is worthless
    Hear me out in this mess
    No way I am living
    When there's no forgiving
    I'm sorrry menas nothing
    There's no reason to sing
    I'm not full of joy
    I am not a toy
    Don't use me then toss me
    I'm full of self pity
    The one that I love
    Is flying high like a dove
    Don't miss me, goodbye
    Catch tears that I cry
    Don't you see what you've done?
    Now life is no more fun
    I refuse to leave
    Let me sit here and grieve!
    Best friends aren't forever
    That means that they're never
    They're never there
    When you're full of dispair
    Depression is stupid
    Who the hell will I kid?
    Overdose then die
    No one will ask why.
    They'll hate that I'm gone
    But then they'll move on
    Until it's their time
    Early comes mine
    I'll try not to smile
    When life's clock goes to trial
    And then I'll be dead.

    (written for Jaysun Cudee Jakubz, Maxwell Eric Brown, and everyone on here...)
  9. mdmefontaine

    mdmefontaine Antiquities Friend

    wow. amazing poem. ok. you need to publish! don't laugh! xx
  10. UndeadCynic

    UndeadCynic Member

    Once again, good poems! Good job conveying that feeling; I oft struggle trying to express that. I particularly liked "The Wonderful World of Anxiety Attacks," probably because I can relate in a way. Nonetheless, please continue writing and posting these!
  11. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    thank you Mdme and Undead :hug:
    I got some more, just wrote them today.:


    Everyday's The Same
    "Day by Day"
    That's what they say
    Day by day and night bu night
    Trying to stop with all my might
    It's very hard, I'll tell you that.
    I say I got scares fro ma cat.
    But I would never dare
    Show my arms when they're bare
    People dont get it, they dont ask
    They see happiness behind my mask
    They see me sob
    Wonder who would rob
    All that gir's happiness.
    My life is a mess!
    This poem has no flow!
    So I guess I'll go
    I'll run away
    There's nothing more to say!
    I'm failing my classes!
    Put down by the masses!
    I feel like a fool!
    No more sense in school
    I'll be gone one day
    My pain will go away
    How's depression a fad?
    Who'd wanna be sad?!
    I don't get that one bit
    I'm having a fit
    My life's down the drain
    I'm going insane!
    So this is goodbye
    Please don't cry
    We'll see eachother one day soon.


    Childhood Memmories
    When mom's upset
    I take control
    When she's down
    Mom is my role.
    I don't mind it
    This is promise
    Being a kid
    That's what I miss
    I used to love
    To write a story
    Now my nights
    Are super gory.
    No one's around
    To tell me I'm bad
    No one sees
    When I cry cause I'm sad
    Being the mom
    That's how I was raised
    If I did a good job
    Then I was praised.
    A trip to the mall
    Or maybe Toys 'R Us
    I'd get something cool
    And pass it around the bus.
    Don't get my wrong
    I love to cook
    But sometimes when I'm forced to
    I feel a little shook
    Then my dad will start
    He'll mock when I was a kid
    And he'll say my "famous" phrase
    "Just takin' off the lid"
    I'm just about done with this shit.


    Unordinary Emotions
    I feeel unwanted
    Like everything I did
    Didn't help anyone
    This situation isn't fun
    I feel so hurt inside.

    Like I'm worthless now
    Maybe you're asking how
    How ccould a girl like me
    Fail to see
    That people trust her.?

    I wear these bracelets on my arm
    THey're doing me no harm
    When I say "rip some more"
    I sound like a little whore
    But maybe that's what I want to be

    Sick to my stomach tonight
    It's giving me a fright
    This happens all the time
    But now I remember what was mine
    And now he's gone.

    I swore I'd never talk about it agian
    But it's still there, haunting me
    I swore I'd never say a word
    But waht I'm thinking is ubsurd.

    I'm sorry for confusion
    I'll stop this silly allusion
    I'll return to how I was
    Drinking to feel a buzz
    To know I'm alive.
  12. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    I'm on a role!


    Feelings and Memories
    Right now I'm doing nothing
    Acting like I'm doing something
    I wanna start drinking

    Oh shit
    I feel like a twit
    I don't think I'm worth it
    Take it, I'll imbrase the hit

    What kind of life is this?
    He's the one I truely miss.
    But he could care less

    I remember a memory
    When you used to call me
    Why don't you see?
    I don't even want a "sorry".

    Sometimes I don't like a friend
    And I was the ship to end
    I have a letter to send
    And this friendship will never mend

    So, I guess this is fair well
    I guess I'll see you in hell
    Everything that I will sell
    Girls you memories that ring a bell

    I know it's wrong
    So, so long
    I'm wrong.


    The Last One Ever.
    When your opinions are no longer appropriate
    What are you to do?
    Right now I'm in a fix
    And I want to renew
    Renew from waht?
    That's a thought to ponder
    Renew myself, that's what I want
    Stop and begin to wonder
    What's wrong with this girl?
    Does she see in black and white?
    Does she fail to see the color?
    Or do they fill her up with fright?
    The only two colors
    That redns chills up my spine
    Are the colors blue and white
    Also the colors bordering the line.
    My life isn't a picture
    Not as pleasant, can't you see?
    When you live a life like mine
    You're full of misery.
    But I'll watch the popular girls
    Fall to the ground
    And they'll all be bured togethre
    They don't make another sound
    I hate being picked on
    I hate when people fear
    The life after this one
    The life that's drawing near.
    So now I'll say farewell
    And please have no frights.
    I can guess you'll miss me
    But I won't haunt you all your nights.
    Maybe one.
  13. crookxshanks

    crookxshanks Well-Known Member

    wow.. your really good. i love them all!
  14. Kemra

    Kemra Well-Known Member

    Those are great Taylor, felt I could really relate to quite a few, taking me back to when I was younger, and even some feelings from here and now. And thats half the battle with writing and poetry, making your audience feel like they can relate to what your trying to communicate. Theres nothing harder than trying to express feeling through writing and you've done it well.
  15. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    I can see I'm not wanted
    I sware, I can tell
    So why don't I leave you
    And get out of this hell?

    I know you think I'm worthless
    Please don't tell me lies
    I know that you make fun of me
    You've got yourself some spies

    So here I am
    I'm guna fly
    I'm guna leave
    Don't bother saying goodbye

    I'm saying farewell
    I'm leaving now
    I have to go
    But I don't know how.

    I've never had much experiance
    In demolishing my own life
    I don't think I'd be able
    To be a good wife

    I'm so dishonest
    I don't get how he could stay
    Sometimes I wish he'd realize
    And then just go away

    So goodbye to all my friends.
    I'll miss you my dears
    But now I'm going
    Making true all of your fears.
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