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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Sycotic_Sarah, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. I have been writing much poetry since i have been away from SF, so here it is! This may trigger, so please be safe while viewing them.

    I am the truth waiting to spill,
    I am the hurt waiting to fade,
    I am the pain signing the life will,
    I am the torture that has been made.

    You are the listener,
    You are the help,
    You can make it go away,
    With my quiet yelp!

    The world is full of torture,
    yet also full with happiness,
    choosing is an option,
    but sometimes you just need a rest!

    Torn inside,
    I run and hide,
    not wanting to become,
    things that will never escape my tongue.

    Broken and crumbled,
    spoken but tumbled,
    always in the wrong,
    this life has been lived far far too long.

    Suicide is my destiny,
    I will soon leave,
    life will become death,
    enough and i mean enough said.
    Why did you leave me?
    Why cant you see?
    I didnt want you to leave...
    I thought we werent meant to be.

    I loved you,
    I thought you did too,
    I still do,
    But i guess i loose.

    Now you are gone,
    I feel theres something i could of done,
    Before it felt like everthing was so bright, like the sun,
    But now i feel there isnt one.

    Please return,
    please just listen and learn,
    just come back please,
    its all i want and need.
    Please hold me tight,
    keep me by your side,
    love me forever always,
    ill stay with you and hide...

    Call me your hunny,
    call me your baby,
    if i asked you do you love me,
    please say maybe...

    Love you forever,
    dont leave me ever,
    love me long time,
    be forever mine...
    Mom, not only a mom, but my best friend,
    who'd go out her ways for me,
    preparing for the day ahead of us,
    doing what you must,
    your gentle and soft touch,
    i love you so very much,
    words cannot express just how i feel,
    from kisses and hugs, to your home cooked meals,
    i dont know what id do without you mom,
    your smile is as bright as the sun,
    you've always been there,
    i never knew how much you cared,
    from everything that weve been through,
    i love and care for you,
    never leave me mom,
    not until im done.
    Writing in tears,
    living for years,
    cant take anymore,
    no light, not even an escape door...

    I dont feel right living this life,
    no one understands anything im going through,
    they think its all fine,
    soon i will prove them wrong, in time...

    Life will be taken,
    as its been mistaken,
    i bid you all goodbye,
    everyday i always cry,
    i dont know why,

    Love and care,
    its all gone down a drain now,
    i dont know how,
    maybe its because im a stupid, fat cow..

    Goodbye to those who 'care' for me,
    its time for me to leave,
    i find myself stuck,
    sometimes i wish i was hit by a truck...
    The blade i seek tonight,
    wanting to get the cuts just right,
    it never feels enough,
    but battling it is so very tough.

    Cutting some more,
    knocks at the door,
    screaming go away,
    or ill make them get out my way.

    Trying to stop,
    not getting much luck,
    bleeding, dripping,
    curling and crippling..

    Is that it?
    can i now stop this?
    oh no, of course not,
    im stuck inside a locked box,
    never to be free,
    how can i leave?
    im going nowhere anytime soon,
    just waiting for that big ol' boom,
    which will end all my pain,
    then ill finally be sane!
    This is for my friend;
    Your always there for me,
    whenever im alone,
    you say you care for me,
    and you deal with me all on your own...

    Your the best thing thats ever happened to me,
    i just hope you never leave,
    but i hate letting you see,
    the true person inside of me..

    Id never want to hurt you,
    and i never mean too if i do,
    i just want you to be there always,
    no matter what i say..

    Please never leave me, ever,
    stay with me forever,
    because i dont want to loose you,
    and i hope you dont too.
    Another one for my friend...
    Whether in the right or wrong,
    i know our friendship will be long,
    it will be,
    just stay with me,
    never leave.

    Through hard and good times,
    you try to be there,
    you tell me you love me,
    you tell me you care,
    i just dont know if i can believe you,
    i just dont know what to do.

    You try to stop me from doing silly things,
    sometimes i listen,
    sometimes i dont,
    but i just want you to know,
    that im sorry for all ive done.

    I love you so much Chelsea,
    i hope you love me,
    i hope you stay with me forever,
    and dont leave, ever,
    your so important,
    your smile is as bright as the sun,
    I just hope i never loose,
    someone like you.
    Life, full of so many things,
    death, full of hell,
    live for those who love you,
    have the courage to tell others about your pain,
    you are not insane,
    live for you,
    and others too,
    fight and show,
    how once you were so very low,
    but now continuing a thing called life,
    nomore sighs,
    but happy faces,
    take it in slow paces,
    live for those around,
    although your heart may pound,
    when you hear the word 'die',
    ask yourself why,
    why do you want to fade away,
    when all you have to do is say,
    what you feel,
    yes it is real,
    its not a nightmare,
    soon, your life will seem fair,
    just give it time,
    as i do with mine.

    I apologize for the amount of them, but its just my poetry and i wanted to share it. ;)

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