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    What do you see?
    When you see me throwing myself into your loving arms?
    Do you see the real me?
    Or do you see what I want you to see?
    For you must understand
    That I am hiding myself from you
    Behind every smile,
    Behind every laugh
    There is something horrific laying in wait
    There is a storming rage
    And a scared child
    There is a person who wants to be set free
    But she hides, I hide.
    I shrug it off and I say I’m fine
    put on a smile
    But deep inside I am screaming for salvation
    For someone to save me from my self
    Make me show you what’s inside
    So that you can see the storming rage and the scared child
    For she is Who I really am
    Instead of looking blindly at a person more like a zombie
    At a mask that hides what I truly feel
    So many emotions and so many opinions
    Have gone unheard due to this mask of perfection and calm
    I want you to take my mask off
    I want you to see the real imperfect me that I hide
    But I am afraid That the real me will frighten you,
    and make you hang your head in shame for ever talking to such a horrific beast
    I am afraid that you will see my life, my lies, my worries, my fears, and you will hide.
    So, when you say you know me…
    Do you really?

    -death filled-


    Running from a desolate life
    Of pain and torture
    And the ever scorching knife
    Hiding from a sadistic storm
    Of bites and blows
    In a human form
    Hear the malevolent tone
    And run for your life
    For you are always forgotten and alone
    Left to be made ill
    By the hands of a friend, a father
    But you cant testify still
    For the worry is too strong
    The worry that an unforgiving, unbearable person
    Will say you’re lying, they’ll say your wrong
    And he’ll come storming back
    Worse than he ever did before
    Ready and prepared to make a barbaric attack
    On a young innocent child
    That sits in a dark corner
    waiting for the ravenous wild
    that she calls dad
    knowing that he purposely hurts her
    to hear her scream, and cry, or just to make her sad
    so she will continue to run from life
    a life full of pain and torture
    a life full of strife.

    -death filled b****-
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