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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by RuinTHPS, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. RuinTHPS

    RuinTHPS Member


    Wailing in a malicious kindred of views
    While people around have their beam
    As I wait for news
    I ask that you look into the era of ways that seam
    To push the door a little more
    To see more than before
    Hold your breathe in the benevolence
    Stand stiff as stone in awe
    Reach out to touch the scene
    Then choke in your realization, that it was a dream.

    Grief Of Yesterday

    Leaves scatter on the soil
    The air is thick with melancholy
    The stripped oaks sway in the wind as the leaves coil
    The moon's blistered and scratched surface fixates on me

    Crickets don't bother with their tune
    Just as the frogs don't contribute
    And still it gazes upon me, that inexorable moon

    The grass is dead
    The fog covers my way
    And as I tread
    I feel it ahead
    I was led,
    Lured by gifts of hope
    To be left alone as a snack
    As I wonder through the black

    Then you gave me joy, anticipation, reason
    The wind blew it away
    Now I am being eaten
    By the grief of yesterday.

    Bottled Up Inside

    I gaze outside as the drops dance on impact
    This dusty old bottle in my hand is what I use to retain
    I deny it's screams as it tries to attract,
    Telling me to stop the pain

    The tears dance on impact
    The bottle is cracking
    Too much to hold in anymore
    Nothing is curing the sore

    Fatigue catches on
    I am out of my league
    I can't keep pretending
    Everything isn't depressing

    For you are the people outside the bottle,
    Trying to get through
    I am inside waiting inside until,
    I don't so easily fill.

    I Let Go

    I let go a long time ago
    To the dreams that built up
    I smashed them on the ground
    For all of them had become woe.
    All the dreams and all the sorrow
    Didn't cease and I doubt they will tomorrow

    I let go a long time ago
    To the pain and strife
    But the pain came back
    And the dead dreams were shot down crows.
    They can caw and cry
    But no matter how much they plead, they will die

    I let go a long time ago
    Dreams now seem so discouragingly far away
    Despair engulfed me
    All of this is because of you,
    You damned excruciating dismay
    Why won't you relinquish for one single day?

    I let go a long time ago
    I tried to grab back ahold
    I slipped and fell
    Now I am falling to hell.

    Wishing It Wasn't A Wish

    Too much pain to hold it all in
    I just wish I was happy
    I wish I could throw it all away
    Maybe then I would feel I could win

    I wish I could feel some hope
    Some tiny piece of chance
    That this will all go away, so I can feel relief from this lance.
    If not the sky should swallow me whole
    For there's no point in living without a soul.

    Born Into The Hell Of My Own Mind

    Chipped away,
    Ripped apart
    Torn off,
    From my heart

    Just a void now fills the space,
    Eternal sorrow binding me to this place.
    Pleasure being sucked away
    By a black hole in my chest,
    All I want is to peacefully exist

    I feel it in my head,
    Everything inside feels dead.
    Ice picks stuck in my mind,
    Enjoyment now seems so divine
    Unable to confine it in my flawed design

    When everything appears lost
    (nothing is positive,
    not even a thought)
    You go head first into an abyss,
    It takes away all your bliss
    Till you feel you don't exist.

    Pain Is It's Name

    I can feel the pain escalating
    Skin is getting thinner
    Letting more in so it can cling
    I become it's dinner

    Fill your face
    Come on now, I know you love that taste
    Of the sweet sorrow that you endow
    Now slaughter me like a cow

    My message gets caught in the fire
    Lit by the scorching thoughts
    Thoughts of death, despair, desire
    Now watch hope as it rots.

    Now cling like obsession
    Like the tick on the arm
    And suck all other thoughts away like depression
    I guess being full of tears is my profession.

    -Casey Greene

    I hope you like it, please tell me if you did.
  2. Isa

    Isa Well-Known Member

    Grief of yesterday caught my attention immediately, it was beautiful and brought up some haunting imagery. and the last one is fantastic. <3
  3. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Hi Casey...I too could relate to your work...very impressive...big hugs, jackie
  4. BrokenPieces

    BrokenPieces Well-Known Member

    I really liked them all...they were well done, and such a pleasure to read. i loved the poems Truth and Grief Of Yesterday...I have to say they are my favourite!

    Love BP

    PS i hope you post more soon!
  5. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Good poems xx
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