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  1. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    I stand at the edge of reality..
    staring at the light up ahead..
    that seems to promise happiness..
    to gratify my lust and desires...
    I surrender my fate vulnerably..
    as I put trust in my blind faith..

    I adore the compassion it showers,
    that wasn't meant for the lonely..
    I sense joy and bliss in abundance..
    flowing freely in graceful cadence,
    It touches the depths of my yearning..
    tormented with grief and bemoan...

    It makes my heart breathe again..
    and brings my mind back to sanity..
    as I yield my life to delusions,
    that brings the purest of love,
    into my life of hurtful sorrows..
    bound in a world of bitter cold..

    I feel the suffering swept away,
    and the rage and fury extinguished,
    in these very moments of ecstasy...
    It feeds the endless ache of hunger,
    like food that nourishes a soul...
    dying from the pains of starvation..

    But still I see the darkness....
    on the edge of this waking dream,
    as the leaping shadows are seen..
    to bring me back to my misery..
    and face the harshness it brings..
    Merely as the mortal I am....
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  2. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member


    The sunrise shines upon my face,
    and I struggle to open my eyes...
    somehow I fight to drift once again,
    into the comfort of these dreams..
    in a voyage filled with fantasies...
    where I sail away from the truth..
    and the harshness it ever shows..

    In the light I hear chants of the angels,
    showered by stardust and falling leaves,
    in skies of amethyst purple and blue..
    up above a solitary and blissful garden,
    where I see a fountain of youth....
    surrounded with roses of pearly white..
    and grasses of emerald green...

    These moment seems so brief...
    yet it caresses the desires within,
    I felt my soul elevated to another realm,
    as the clouds of joy shows it's way...
    to the wishing stars our hearts long for,
    and the compassion that it yields within,
    that our empty souls has ever craved..

    These are the moments I felt truly alive..
    a resurrection from the pit of the undead,
    a reincarnation into a new desirable life..
    The happiness it yield in it's delusion..
    gratifies my soul with a faithless idealism,
    but it is where I found my contentment..
    in this world of pure and truthful realism..
  3. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    Girl of My Dreams

    Your first glance..
    gives new meaning..
    to my empty world..
    for I have found..
    a reason for living..

    Your first smile..
    mellow and sweet..
    brightens the day..
    An illumination..
    of my darkness..

    Your first hello..
    tells me it’s you..
    that I will adore..
    inside my heart..
    for always..

    My dearest one..
    I can only wonder..
    if I am invisible..
    for you never notice..
    how I feel for you..

    My empty soul..
    is in need of love..
    and in your eyes..
    I know it’s you..
    I truly desire..

    My lonely nights..
    and endless pain..
    of the yesterdays..
    finds a new hope..
    in your presence..

    You’ll never know..
    All that you do..
    makes me smile..
    All that you are..
    seduces me deeply..

    You are my dream..
    my only happiness..
    You are my love..
    in this cruel world..
    of endless sorrow..

    You are my hope..
    for blissfulness..
    in my dismal life..
    of endless misery..
    and suffering..

    I will show you..
    all my loneliness..
    and the torment..
    of a broken man..
    loveless and cold..

    I will shower you..
    with warm affections..
    Won’t you tell me..
    if you feel the same..
    I am dying to know..

    I love you, girl..
    It’s all I can say..
    for I have nothing..
    Only these feelings..
    for your loving spirit..
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  4. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    Eyes of Love

    Your eyes...
    Sparkling with brightness,
    and glows like a candle...
    emits an innocent ambience..
    So pure it's fiery essence..
    that I yield my lonely heart..
    falling into your seduction...

    Your glance...
    Summons a new romance...
    that colours my loneliness..
    My soul desires to dance...
    intrigued by a beautiful sight..
    and my soul deeply touched..
    when you shyly look away...

    Just a wink...
    Rekindles my childhood days,
    that was lost oh so long ago..
    Still I sense it in my memories..
    everytime when I look at you..
    And it keeps me wondering...
    What if our hearts have met?

    Only one glimpse..
    I feel your grieving sadness..
    that you were trying to hide...
    Don't hold it all inside, dear..
    for I know just what it does,
    Let it out for a ride, girl...
    to the wide and open sky..

    Those tears of sorrow...
    Flowing slowly from the corners,
    streaming from your ebony iris..
    down to your soft rosy red lips,
    through your adorable cheeks..
    Won't you let me cuddle you?
    So you can weep in my arms?

    An incandescent flame..
    Blazing with a joyful radiance..
    waltzing around like a free spirit..
    A picturesque of a true happiness...
    transpires into a captivating emotion,
    A spell that takes my breath away,
    Simply with your endearing smile...

    It is an immaculate existencce...
    that evokes a breathtaking fantasy..
    into my blue and dismal world...
    I shall eternalize these moments...
    upon an ageless portrait in my life..
    I have felt the pleasures of love...
    when I look deep into your eyes...
  5. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member


    I walk alone in the backstreets,
    with my tired and weary feet...
    A shoulder to lean is what I need,
    while my heart is left to bleed...

    In vanity I am as I look everywhere,
    there is simply no one there....
    If there is,do they really care...???
    Seems like it's all myself to bear..

    My soul has long ago been sold,
    and foolish I am to get no gold..
    Now this world of mine is cold..
    and at youth,I have grown old..

    I don't really know what love is...
    for I have never been kissed,
    maybe I am just not in the list..
    Does it matter if I say please??

    I have suffered for I had no luck,
    or maybe I just don't care much..
    I have always run out of touch...
    cause I just couldn't live to rush..

    Hurt and mockery cause me pain,
    as it engulfs and swirls in my brain,
    while I weep under the pouring rain,
    and my mind slowly goes insane...

    I despise the fact that I am obtuse...
    something that I simply can't choose...
    All these years,I've never been a winner,
    Perhaps this lifetime,I was born a loser...
  6. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    Loser's Lament

    I can feel that I am going insane..
    My life is going down the drain..
    My happiness just don't remain..
    I stroll alone in this lonely lane..
    Trying hard to ignore my pain..
    as I walk under the pouring rain..

    Maybe I am all that I got to blame,
    Perhaps I'm a man, only by name..
    My ridiculous world just the same,
    simply because my life is so lame..
    I have no chance in rising to fame..
    I am only playing a losing game..

    It looks as though I'm condemned,
    I ain't nothing but a broken man..
    It seems like no one gives a damn..
    No need for dreams or future plan..
    I feel like I'm living inside a can..
    I am simply better as a dead man..

    ** The sequel to 'Loser'..
  7. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    A Sorrowful Soul

    Is it a sin to live for the fight?
    When fate calls for your death?
    Or is it an unforgiving deed...
    to stand against your destiny?
    Even if it shows no compassion?
    Leaving you to drift all alone...
    in a wasteland of ceaseless rain?

    Is it wrong to long for comfort?
    When we do know deep within,
    that every living soul yearns...
    for a crying shoulder to lean on?
    To ease their lives with warmth?
    When the skies above grows cold,
    leaving you quivering with fear?

    Is it a crime to blame the heavens?
    When it shines no gleam of hope?
    Is it the dreadful price I have to pay?
    for cursing the clouds up above...
    Who turns dark yet roars out loud?
    Perhaps a felony that I’ve commit...
    to reap the thorny seeds of hatred...
    sowed by a nameless wrongdoer?

    Here I am, with my head held high..
    wretched by the torments of lies...
    beseeching for the enlightenment..
    only to revolve in circles of vanity...
    drowning helpless in a river of tears..
    Nonetheless an uninvited light discerns,
    as I stare at the harsh and bitter truth..
    Inscribed upon the dawn of my birth...
  8. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    Nowhere Shadows

    Here we stand, all alone in the dark,
    stranded light years from the sun..
    where the faces of the crowd is..
    There is no place for us there..
    our lives are chained in a boundless cycle,
    revolving through constant bitterness,
    that lies between the truth and idealism,
    while we breath with our wounded hearts,
    to give life to our dying souls..

    What else there is to blame?
    The darkness that runs in our blood?
    The wounds in our veins that never heals?
    I guess the wisest of men can’t tell..
    Or is that we don’t fit in?
    Yet, we can never stand out..

    Happiness and joy we’ve seen enough..
    Sadness and lust we’ve felt too much..
    Happiness never knocks on our doors..
    Heartache lives in us like a gaping hole..
    We try to reach for a hand, who understands,
    but there is no place for two undying shadows,
    bound in a world of incandescent lights..
    We were born to face the harsh realities..
    to endure the greatest of sorrows..
    to feel the purity of nothingness..
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