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    5th grade school assignment


    Where I'm from
    I am from dryers,
    from dishwashers, and air conditioning.
    I am from the gallows under the sun,
    (yellow and glistening on the top of my head).
    I am from the bleeding heart and the azaelia bush
    whose petals will linger on the ground.

    I am grom chlorine and flexie materials
    from Inuyasha and Yusuke.
    I am from the hands on
    and hair up
    from my way or hit the highway.
    I am from the Lord
    who died for my sins
    and will come back for me.

    I am from Bob and Cindy's branch
    from marshmellows and fresh popcorn.
    From my grandma's heart string
    that connects to me.
    On my bookshelf is a scrapbook,
    overflowing memories,
    of all the i was and have become,
    and will be
    that my grandma saved for me.
    I am from music a gift given to me
    just waiting to happen


    7th grade


    Sleeping hours come,
    and sleeping hours go.
    But one still stirs as
    she rustles in her bed,
    sleepless, but not dreamless.
    She's daydreaming.
    Daydreaming about the life she cannot have.
    She dreans of being happy and not having to wear a happy mask.
    As sleeping hours go, she goes through the motions daily.
    As night comes, she get's to have her daydreansm
    those sleepless dreams
    that may never come true.

    12th grade (which is current and the better stuff)


    As I hold it in my hand, I hear its whispers calling me.
    I feel it's sharp blade resting in my hand.
    Looking at it, just sitting there in the palm of my hand.
    As the reflection of the light hits the edge just right you can see the sharpness.
    Thinking of the pain it would bring, I draw the blade to my leg.
    I gently place it there feeling the cool metal against my warm skin.
    I start to slide it across my skin and the pain soothes the inner pain in my chest.
    The blood starts to flow from the cut and drip down my leg.
    One cut is never enough.
    As I go along, I begin to cut deeper and deeper.
    The pain in my chest lingers but the pain in my leg is stronger.
    I don't stop. I go on.
    Maybe if I cut enough, deep enough,
    i'll fade into the blood drops, trickling down my leg.
    I let the blade retire as a dull blade, and I fade back into the blackness of my room, as the cuts bleed through the sheets as I sleep.
    Finally relieved.


    I lie in bed
    and the silent screams begin
    to fall as unnoticable tears.

    No one would ask
    nor would I tell
    whats brought suck pain
    as the hours begin the dull.

    When I leave this room
    my silent screams still call
    but no one hears them
    as I begin to fall.

    It has been so long
    and no one has noticed
    with no one tell
    my time is here
    the excitment begins to swell

    I stare at the method
    and my thoughts begin to wander
    to remember the days
    when things were fonder

    My thoughts travled back
    to the unwinding road
    of where the fond times
    all head lead me

    My method takes effect
    it happened again
    it shows im a failure
    and nothing more will alter

    My heart begins to think
    my thoughts megin to swell
    the silent screams will
    continue for a little while now.


    She pulls her knees in tight to her chest
    and holds her legs in cloae to her.
    She tries to hold herself together.
    She can't.

    Her heart breaks and her tears swell.
    Her thoughts beging to eat her away.
    Something shiny catches the corner of her eye.
    Her vice. It keeps her sane
    and even eases the pain.

    She wonders if she can fight it.
    The pain keeps growing
    her doubts fill her mind.

    She decides against it
    She thinks I am better than this
    I can fight it.

    Her positive attitude aspires her to stop.
    But before you know it, she's at it again,
    Cutting and mutilating her body
    like she'd never stopped before.


    I wrote this for LockedInside! :heart: She's my fiancée. I love you, baby.

    She's more beautiful
    than the sunset on the beach
    She's more beautiful
    than the blue, blue sky.

    She's got the scent of beauty,
    the eyes of chocolate,
    the hair of silk
    the lips of an angel
    and the face of perfection.

    I can't stop looking at her
    I can't stop thinking about her
    I can't stop being there for her
    and I can't stop loving her.

    She's the love of my life
    the girl of my dreams
    the light in future
    and the girl in my heart.

    Who's this girl you ask?
    She's the girl I'm to marry,
    the one I love so dear,
    the one I can't be near.

    No matter the distance,
    no matter the time
    I will always love her
    and she will always be mine.
  2. total eclipse

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    I am glad you can use poetry to express what you are feeling it is an excellent way to release all those thoughts and emotions
  3. GreyCat

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    I really like the first one. Its cool.
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