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My point of viewe

Hi there. I guess I'll share my opinion of all thats happening in our world currently.
So I'm just another 21 year old male (Old account, still trying to deal with stuff) out here that just needs somewhere to went off some steam about this whole situation.

I don't know if I should call it self pity or just arrogance, but I do feel sad for everyone in their early to mid twenties. This was supposed to be the age where we get to make something out of ourselves. Get a job.... Fall in love...Move in together and start a family and all that.
But it just feels like so many people have lost that opportunity due to this whole Covid situation.
Speaking from my own experiences I was in a bad spot when this all started. Strugling with my own problems and feeling all alone. And this whole outbreak that we got going on thats affecting people both old and young.
Me myself have witnessed loss during this period... A good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer late 2018. It seemed like he was going to be able to finally beat it...But then he got the virus and passed away in November last year. I think about him everyday.

All I truly wish that this world will finally agree on vaccinating and ending this as soon as we possibly can. Im tired of seeing peoples youths go to waste having to hide inside when there is a whole beautiful world out there to see.

I guess thats all I wanted to say...Just needed to went... Thanks you for your time and please. Stay. Safe.

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*hugI get it the young have so many experiences that are being taken away from them. Let’s get people vaccinated starting with the older more vulnerable people. Too many people are hurting over this especially the young

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