my problem and my ideas... what are your ideas? :)

I have a problem. I feel like my soft squishy personality has something to do with this, and since im not the kind to start screaming at people to f**ck off, i guess i look a bit vulnerable? but why cant i just live without having to ssay things like that. i dont know

ok so my problem:
Over the last two years, ive noticed that sometimes when i walk around in my village, either shoppping or just walking home, sometimes the village kids between 10-15 , some of them are quite rough. some of them have shouted at me as i walked past. some have followed me for a few steps while also shouting at me. during this time i never shouted back, im not a violent person and im afraid of conflict.

during college i was too busy with work and assignments to head out much, and my college is based 2 hours from home anyways so its not like i had the chance of bumping into that many people

Today i walked home (wish i could fly) and i saw a group of approx 10-13 year olds, walking in my direction. they looked really rough, but i felt like it was such a long time since anythign bad happened, that it would be okay. the first few lads walked past me fine. then a girl behind them eyeballed me and when she walked past her shoulder bumped into mine. i then heard her talking shit about me to her friens and they turned around t olook back at me as they kept walking. when she shouldered me i didnt react, or shout anything at her. im just the sort to cower i guess in the face of aggression.

so my ideas to get around these people - i dont want to be like last year when i hid in my house for ages because i was afraid of who was outside. this year, i dont want to do that anymore. i hate hiding

here are my possible ideas, and if u have any, please let me know :) :

my ideas:
  • head out in the mornings, when the kiddies are most likely not up yet
  • if i see them again, turn around , cross the street or just go the other way
  • walk with someone else ( no one really around, but eh )
  • head out when the kids are in school
feedback appreciated. or not. whichever u prefer:rolleyes::rolleyes:

the baer :rolleyes::rolleyes::oops:

''bullied by a ten year old - so typical for me :(''
Get a big, tough (or at least tough looking) dog and go walking with it

Take their picture, find out who they are, and contact their parents or the police

I'm not sure what else. I'm sorry that you have to go through this.

Unfortunately there are just people who like to hurt other people and who will do it if they think they can get away with it

Maybe some assertiveness training or self-defense?


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I hope you don't mind me asking about your age?
As I read thru your post. You are being bullied by teens. You see youngsters now, are in group. When they are in group they tend to think they are strong. Separate them from each other they are weak. They are insecure little girls acting up for attention. You have the advantage of education and age use it. If you hide, you'll be hiding when life gets tough. You'll be a bully magnet all your life. You see bullies know the weak ones that they can destroy. Don't hide, be strong. You can do it!


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Read some articles on assertiveness. Practice some techniques. Let it rip when some a-hole comes calling.

Take a self defense type class/es.


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Report them to the police and neighbourhood watch if you have one where you live. They have no right to harass you like that. Keep your distance and should this happen again call the police, that's what they are there for, to protect people and keep the peace :)

Sorry that happened to you not change your plans for them, no one should have to do that. Good luck BB.

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When primatologists are in the jungle and are approaching a troop of gorillas, they know that it's important to make noise signalling their approach, because if they don't, and appear to be trying to approach stealthily, the gorillas, especially the males, will become hostile, and very likely attack. A very similar thing happens with humans. If you walk towards a group of people on the street quietly, maybe looking a little nervous and self conscious, they will very often stop talking amongst themselves and stare at you as you walk by. But if instead you make noise before they notice you, something like taking your keys out of your pocket and jiggling them as you approach, they'll glance at you and then dismiss you and almost pointedly ignore you when you walk by them. Take it from a lifelong people watcher, never fails.
Here's another one: wear sunglasses/shades. The darker or more reflective the better. People feel slightly uneasy, without consciously realizing it, when they can't see someones eyes and can't tell if the person is looking at them. They'll tend to look away from you.

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