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  1. Alright, I gotta be careful here. I'm really paranoid, even if I don't have any reason to be. I don't want anyone to think, that I'm contemplating anything crazy, just because I'm starting this thread.

    We all have free will, and when someone seems threatening, it's society obligation to do something.

    And in no way, am I an imminent or future threat to anyone. And I am not encouraging anything. I see all kinds of artists use free speech to incite all kind of hate. So therefore I don't think this is illegal, and that's not what I'm trying to do.

    There's a price to pay for such criminal acts; jail or suicide. And those who are willing to pay that heavy price, will do it. We can't stop it. But we can help them, and better this shitty place, where people will not be motivated to commit such crimes.

    Why would anyone want to do such a thing. In what kind of state of minds are they. What have they lived or experienced.

    Capitalists think it's natural and normal, for everyone, to have to make their place, in this world, without assisstance, and make the most they can out of this life. Those who can't adapt, die. It's social darwinism. That's what capitalism is. We are supposed to be in the wild, in a way, (there's a long philosophical debate behind this). Civilization is not a natural state. but that's where are. And instead of having to adapt in the jungle, we must adapt to this urban jungle.

    Capitalists are close-minded, they always think from their perspective. They want to have their cake and eat it too. We'll get to that, later on.

    Those who have read my previous posts, know where I stand on a lot of issues.

    Lets get to the subject at hand.

    These 'criminals' are often 'fucked up', and they are forced to adjust to this unnatural world, and unjust society. School scholings often happen in capitalist societies. These 2 go hand in hand, in my opinion. These people are often suicidal, and many kill themselves, without ever hurting others. We let them die, and we don't care, as long as they don't hurt others. We wanna protect ourselves with better security measures, and give them tougher jail sentences, instead of addressing the rootcauses of the problems, and helping out people.

    I think we should 'accomodate' people, and help those with problems, and disadvantages, for some it's really impossible to do anything in this world. And we criticize and blame them. Capitalists because they're close-minded and often deluded, they don't get the whole picture. They miss a lot of points. (There's a long psychological and politically debate behind all this, which I won't go into. I've talked about that on other threads.)

    Not everyone is equipped with the same tools, to deal with this world. So, yes we must accomodate people. Otherwise, it is an injust society.

    So, if you're weak, and natural selection is at work, you're going to die. So, do you just die. Or do you hurt others, as a payback, for not helping you out. Which maybe they're not obligated to do. But their selfishness is killing you. Capitalism motivates us to better ourselves, some say. Personal initiative... That's only true for the selfish. For the generous, personal initiative works best in a socialist society.

    Capitalists, they think mental disorders are hoaxes, that you're lazy and making excuses. Why do they do that? Cuz they don't want to help you out. So they deny it. Why do they deny global warming, they hate regulations. They wanna be able to do what they want.

    Many people, blame themselves, for failing. And that's illogical. You blame yourself, cuz you're zoomed in and modernized and stupidized. You think everything is perfect, and ur not good enough or something, and its ur fault ur not good enough. I mean how illogical is that.

    I think I've said just enough for you people to get where this is going. So that I don't have to continue.

    Again, my text is not organized, I like writing impulsively.

    Cho Seung-Hui has suffered all his life, and had to plan his death. His victims died a quick death. These victims are almost collateral damages. It's like a war going on. Or something.

    I wish we'd live in a society where no one would want to do such a thing. Others wish these people would just kill themselves, and let others be selfish.

    So many commit suicide, and suicide is the result of social darwinism, and we let it happen. Isn't that evil?

    If all who committed suicides, decided to revolt and send a message, I wonder, if we'd change our ways.

    Again, I am not threatening or inciting hate. I mean I'm trying to look at this from a different perspective.
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    ^that is a tin can
    this is a human heart



    im not sure whats in the tin can, dunno, probably mince meat.

    also, I posted a computer rendition of the human heart as i know there are some who might take offence to me posting a picture of a real one
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    I think nearly every society I know of capitalist or not have their suicidals, haters, lovers and survivors..
    It would be nice if there was more help to peolpe so that they wouldnt take those steps to incite public outrage or take revenge or to kill the infidels, whatever their reason.. but what would happen than? would people feel pushed/hearded by the government, feel that they are taking extra control and these beheviours would continue or possibly become worse? who knows... I know that when I have been told I have to seek help I wanted to rebel, wanted to say screw you! The best help I have got is when I when seeking it, not because a I have to sceneraio.
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