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    Sometimes I Just Want To Scream Until My Throat Bleeds!! How Dare My Father Commit Suicide! He Had Me, My Brother, My Mom, His Parents. And We All Loved Him. And We Still Do. But It Ain't Fair!!! You Got The Easy Part. You Got To Leave This Earth. We Are Stuck Here, On This Earth With The Aftermath Of Your Shit. Thanks A Lot Dad!!! And People Wonder Why I've Picked Up Smoking Cigarettes! It's A Wonder I Didn't Pick Up Drinking Or Drugs!! Sometimes I Just Sit Around And Think About Him. Think About What Our Future Could Have Been If He Were Still Here. Life Definitely Wouldn't Be Perfect, But By God, Life Ain't Perfect Now!! Here Is A Saying That Always Stuck With Me. "Life Isn't Always Beautiful, But It's A Beautiful Life."
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    There is nothing I can do or say that can change the things that happened. All I can do is offer you an ear to listen and a hand to help pick you up should you stumble along the way. Know that you are in my thoughts. :hug:
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    I'm sorry that your father felt so much pain he had to leave. Sometimes people don't realize what they have or what they have left behind. I wouldn't fault you for picking up smoking either. It's your way to relieve some stress from the underlying events. I'm so sorry that you've lost your father. :hug: I hope coming here can help elleviate(sp) some of the pain and some of the anger you have surrounding your father's death. I hope that you can gain some peace.

    Take care hun.