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My Rational Suicide

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Why Am I Here

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Do you guys think a rational suicide exists? I'm not talking about Euthanasia, of course. That's an entirely different topic. What I'm talking about, one taking their own life after having a rather long time to think about it while weighing the pros and cons of life and their own existence in it's self. I have had a rather long time to think about taking my own life (about 2 months) and I've decided to go ahead and kill myself. I've made up my mind and I feel pretty numb about this, so it's good. I figure, "hey it doesn't matter, nothing matters! :)".

I wasn't planning it on being a sudden suicide. I initially decided that I'd either kill myself after I graduate high school for sure, but now I'm having second thoughts. The cons keep out weighing the pros so I've decided to take my own life on August 11th, an entire 7 days before school starts again. Although, as of late I have recently come to the attention that we will be traveling to Kentucky lake for a week and my suicide is scheduled for the middle of that week. I have my method and partially my suicide note written out and I'm wondering if I should go ahead and do it before the trip or once we get home. There is about 2 days before school starts that I have off after the trip. I think I will take advantage of those 2 days and go ahead and kill myself on the 16th or 17th. I've yet to decide which one I choose. So I will make the best of this trip with my family as it will be my last time with them. My mother is on to me about being depressed as I never leave my house or my room for that matter and apparently I always act sad and don't have any friends. This decision is set in stone and I'm announcing it as this will be my last thread on this forum or any forum for that matter. Thanks for all the help you provide other people, SF.
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I think it depends on whether or not it actually matters. I don't think you can prove beyond a doubt that it doesn't, on some level, matter.
Given that you're only 16 years old in my opinion it's irrational. I don't doubt for a second that you're very depressed and in a bad place but considering you're so young(not that I'm ancient) I would seriously reconsider. There is so much that can change for the better you only need faith and to be strong, once high school is over a whole new world of possibilities opens up for you. One day you very well may back on this and be like wow I'm sure glad I didn't kill myself I had so much life to experience.

The decision making part of your brain isn't fully matured until the mid twenties

In some cases I might view it as rational but only you can yourself be the judge of that.

Once you graduate you can go off to college or move somewhere else and start a new life, create a new persona, make new friends and have a fresh start.

Life certainly isn't easy it is full of pain, sacrifice, and suffering. Making sense and finding meaning to that suffering is what life is about.

Best wishes Jon if you need someone to talk with hit me up in a PM
I live in country of 3-rd world(In East Europe), why you want to die?...I cant understand ?
I'm shocked with you. You need to fight for your life . Any emigrants from Bangladesh would gladly changed places with you.
Some people dream to live your life.
If you have seen how people live in my country. As I live and my friends. You would have thought that we should be long dead. But we are very much love life.
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Buster, life is pointless. Why not die? Any who, tell this to any of the forum members and see how they react. LMAO
So the case in mentality. Because I would not want to hurt my parents and friends. Since I know that without me they would be even worse. If it's a girl, then we have a whole bunch of beautiful girls in East Europe, who would gladly marry an American even without a second thought.:D

Why Am I Here

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So the case in mentality. Because I would not want to hurt my parents and friends. Since I know that without me they would be even worse. If it's a girl, then we have a whole bunch of beautiful girls in East Europe, who would gladly marry an American even without a second thought.:D
I get where you're coming from, but I'm a Nihilist and I see no point in existence in a whole. And I would not marry or be with a girl with her reasons for being with me solely depend on the fact that I'm American. I would like to impress her otherwise, but I'm going to be killing myself soon, so that doesn't matter. :P
Dude, in our country(Ukrain) you can buy alcohol and cigarettes when you turn 18. But I remember how I once buy a beer when I was 12 -13 years ... We are drowning our pain alcohol and cigarettes. And how are you with this situation?
I wonder what you primarily induces the commission of a step in the void?
It's also interesting what kind of music do you like to listen ?
In our country a lot of people do not buy CDs, and download content for free.
It sounds crazy, but recently I had a dream about a guy from another country who wanted to commit suicide but changed his mind.
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To be honest I dont think any suicide is rational as we are not in a rational mind when we make this decision. We may think we are but we are not. We are plagued by illness. Have you sought any help for your depression? That would be a rational thing to do. You are so young and have your whole life ahead of you. Dont throw it away. Get help and make changes. Xxx


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Nihilists dont kill themselves.its an.expression of thought.
At 16 ,you really havent seen much of life.teenagers usually have hormone imbalaces which make them depressed.im sure in times to come you will view life differently.
Chin up :IrishDoll:


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I don't think that anything in the world is rational. There are things we come to accept as given, but nothing really makes a lot of sense. You can believe whatever you want, but you'll never really be right and you'll never really be wrong.

But I will say that when you're 16, even though it can be really awful and you might think you know about the world, most of the time you don't know who you are yet and you don't know what you can do... and life can get better. It doesn't always, but I think that some people can turn themselves around.

The worst part about being 16 is that you don't have any control over your own life-- not really. You're stuck into a school where you have to prove yourself and impress everyone, your parents will provide for you but often they're resentful of how 'difficult' you are and basically don't like the fact that you're no longer an adorable little creature that is 100% obedient and dependent on them and thinks they're like God or something.

I think if you really are going to do it, you should go out in style... don't just wither away or quietly do it where no one can see you. If you're serious about going through with it, then you don't need to worry about money or anything-- just steal it. Or if you have issues about that, sell your things. You'll be able to get enough money to go on a short trip and explore for a few days at least... get on a bus or a train or something and just GO. It doesn't even matter where, but it would be better if it was somewhere you wanted to go.

Go wild... and use your death to prove a point or make a statement. If you're going to do it anyway, then you shouldn't just waste it in silence. Do something that will make people pay attention and wake the fuck up about their lives and how they're treating each other.

Seriously, it's the best way that you could do it.


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I think a suicide can be perfectly rational! You dont have to be mentally unstable to kiull yourself. If life have sucked the last 10 years, and you know it will suck the remaining 50 or 60 years, then why keep on living? I know my suicide will be 100% rational!
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