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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Liz8067, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Liz8067

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    I am trying not to feel too sorry for myself but I am really struggling. I started attempting on Friday but stopped after xxx cos I don't want my husband to be made homeless. It was so hard to stop, once I had taken xxx seemed so appealing and so easy. But I also didn't want another failed attempt so I decided it was better to pretend it never happened, call the Samaritans and hang on for another day
    My reasons. I'm trying to list them like a to do list so they seem solvable but of course there's a lot of emotion involved and they are all wound up together. Here they are, even with the ones I am most ashamed of.
    I have bipolar, I have amazing months where life is vibrant and exciting but more often likenow, I feel sad, exhausted and suicidal.
    I used to tell people I have an anger problem. I don't act on it but I feel livid about the tiniest stress levels are very high and I just can't cope with small annoyances.
    I have no purpose, last year I gave up my religion, I can't get a job, I only have a couple of friends, who I rarely see and I feel bored and empty.
    I lack motivation and find it really hard to be alone or find the energy to do my chores. Everything has slipped.
    I have 10 stone in weight to lose and it seems impossible.
    I love my husband but I am so fed up with our lifestyle, he just sits and eats while watching tv but I need some mental stimulation.
    I always dream I might get naturally I'll and die. Everytime my dr tells me I am in good health I think about suicide again.
    I have big personality issues like not being assertive, honest or being able to say no. They get mr in all types of problems, like last year I was sexually pursued by a family member. I also couldn't cope with my last two jobs.
    I am losing my self confidence and have a deep self hatred.
    I'm sure I'll add more later but for now I've got the worst off my chest.
    I am being allocated a cpn on Friday. Maybe that will help. I hope so cos I can't go on much further like this. Best wishes and thanks for reading.:sigh:
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  2. doityourself

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    Wow, I could have wrote most of that post myself. Ever want to talk Im here for you. We have alot in common.

    Welcome to SF.
  3. CatherineC

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    Me too! I wish there was a magic wand to make us all better.
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