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My Recovery From Teenage Deppression

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Snipeyoas, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. Snipeyoas

    Snipeyoas Member

    Some of you like daisy chain, ants, aki, and the very 1st person I talked to here.. BlackNine, may already know me. I'm glad I talked with you guys and would like to tell my story of recovery. Basically, I've been getting plenty of support from you guys and decided to attend a therapy session and talk about my suicidalness. When I did, he told me by law, I was to be hospitalized for a week and I was like FUCK!!!! Cause I had an upcomming paintball game (it was gunna be my 1st time and I was hella excited) So at first I was like, I wanna get out of here ASAP!! then I met my roomate who suffered from the same symptoms for deppression as me:verbal & physical abuse, school, family, etc. and then I met more patients at the hospital. I met a gay guy too. It was kinda awkward at first until I learned what happened to him. Basically, he was an attic on ecstacy, which made him gay over time. He told me how if makes you enjoy the slightest touch. I have to admit, I have never been farther from drugs than I am now o_O I also met a girl who drank alcohol (underaged) She drank whisky. I was amazed at what others had been going through. I could relate so well. I had many sessions with a psychiatrist there and I recovered quite rapidly thanks to the stress free environment, friends, and support I recieved. I had like 3 days left ( I actually didnt know how long the stay would be from the start) to stay. I was pretty happy at that time. Then I met a new patient. She had major trust issues but soon became friends with me and another guy who was one of my friends. and when I said major trust issues I mean SEVRE issues. she didnt trust other patients or staff. She didnt even open up to the therapist there. Later her parents visited during visiting hours and I watched her sob complaining the hospital wasnt helping her at all. The next day, she was quiet. At around 8 at night. she was crying and yelling in her room. I could hear here yells from like 50 ft away. I was so sympathetic. Finally, she came out of her room after building the courage to open up. But not to the staff. I mean me and my friend. She told her story in tears of how she met a guy who was nice but when he met here parents, everything went wrong. He set a PERFECT example in front of them. However, when she came out of the house with him, he started touching her sexually. She told him to stop and he put a knife to her neck, threw her into the bushes, and raped her. That explains her trust issues. After me and my friend helped her through it. Because of the trust she actually asked me out o_O (my friend was already in a relationship =p) I know I shouldnt hook up with some1 from a mental hospital but she's actually really friendly when you get to know her. shes just a bit shy and has a lack of trust in ppl. We're both really glad we met eachother and are in a relationship as I type this up. However, she had so much more to tell me. the next day, my friend was discharged from the hospital. She cried for an hour in her room since she lost some1 she deeply cared for and trusted. I was the only one left. Then.. at 5:30 P.M., that same day, I was told I would be discharged in an hour. She and I were just extremely deppressed when i told her. She asked me how I thought she would feel about losing both me and my friend. She trusted no one else. I tried to convince her into making the most of my last hour by opening up as much as possible. she was just so deppressed she didnt even care responding "Whats the point. You're still leaving" She saw I was really sad and didnt eat dinner at all so in order to just make me smile she made a random... awkard.. joke. This is what happened. We were both sitting at a table and there was mere silence for about 10 seconds straight. Then she blurted out and a humorous manor, "Penis" I was like wtf lolz and when she told me she just wanted to see me smile, I felt a lot better but still sad. I gave her a hug and said "dont die" b4 I left. I later got the phone number to her house and talked to her over the phone once she was discharged aswell. She told me in that she really misses me and ends every phone call with :love: ^_^ However, the day I came back to school I was immidiately treated like shit again and instantly thought " Damn it, shoulda enjoyed the hospital more. Well now she is better though so I am satisfied. The whole time she was still at the hospital, I went into further deppression. She was my only worry. I felt I was taken away by force and there was nothing I could do. I felt unsatisfied. I helped her 3/4 of the way then they kicked me out when I made more progress with her in an hour than the staff did in a week. Anyways, I found out I have a hobby in helping ppl cope with teenage depression. I helped 4 patients at the hospital with a 100% success rate. All of them became friends as well =D For example, the gay guy who was ecstacy I previously mentioned. His dad had a HUGE trust with him. He could stay home alone for days. However, when his dad found out about the drugs. He got into a fight with my friends Mom and my gay friend was devastated at the outcome of the fight. They got a DIVORCE. I had so much sympathy at this time and tried to help him out. That worked out well and so a little word of advice. If you are going through teenage depression. Talk to a therapist. If he\she says for you to be hospitalized, cooperate completely. I promise you, you wont regret it. However I got nothing to do sometimes and helping others with their deppression improves my self esteem. So if I'm on and you need help, come talk to me =]
  2. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    i was wondering if we could talk
    im going through teenage depression but i shouldnt be hospitalized..
    i wanna be, but we cant afford it
    we can barely afford a therapist
    i have 20 free visits *thank you insurance*
    i think i only have 5 or less left..
  3. The_8th_Wonder

    The_8th_Wonder senior Member

    What the hell you get put in the hospital if you mention to your therapist that you're suicidal? I would hate to go there.. nothing to do for a week and I don't I'd met any people like you did.
  4. Snipeyoas

    Snipeyoas Member

    well there isnt much to do then chat. You make many friends there. Besides, they have SEVERAL times in the day where they have activities to work on your depression. You make friends there and I'm sure you'd be suprised. Its a stress free environment with positivities ^_^
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