my research paper!

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okay, I know something completely AWOL to be excited about. I had my topic all outlines and thesis done etc.. handed that in last week BUT tonight as I was working on the next step to my research paper (due tomorrow) I completely decided out of nowhere I didn't want this topic anymore, so I just went with that, while I was at the library I just grabbed books on my "new" topics, went home and spent 4 hours on it. The final outcome? Amazing, to me anyways, I am SO proud of my work this time and how it came out, I sent my outline and thesis and intro to my friend to read and he was amazed with it, it was outstanding, so that just made me feel so much better and so confident about this writing piece, now I am anxious for my Professor to see it, I hope she likes it.

Sorry, like I said, funny thing to get excited about but I really am :) I have been smling about it all night ha. Crazy.


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That's great! Things seem to be going really well for you.. and you've worked very hard to deserve it.. i'm happy for ya :party:
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