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My road to recovery

Hi all it's me again summertime! :) i've been feeling not the best the past few days but i today, i think i had an inspiration to finally make a plan for myself.. though i care and am willing to help others in need, i will work on building myself and what i want to become in my future. and maybe share some advices and tips i learned to help you guys and others in need..

My life in the past hasn't been great.. there were many up's but too many down's that were affecting my mental health i know in the future there are possibly going to be struggles but i'll get through it i'll use this thread to give little updates on my road to recovery to give an example of how much a person can change if they take inspiration and at the least try for themselves im actually smiling as im typing this thread because i feel inspired and happy today..

"If you can take it, you can make it" ~ Louis Zamperini - Has always been my favorite quote for inspiration and hes been through the most. proving to me that if someone can go through the most and still live today and tell their story then so can we! i have my next therapy session sometime next month and im excited about that..

I actually feel good today now that im doing this..*bounce


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