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My room needs a new shade of blood...

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So goodbye. I'm about to leave the library, and I don't have Internet at home, so why I'm typing this is useless.

IF you don't see me tomorrow, then I'm dead. It's been fun.

P.S. Try to forget you ever knew me
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R!!!!! NO NO NO Please! Come on kiddo.

What is going on? Is it those argh's that you are living with? Come on, come talk hun. please?

Do not want to lose you. Do not let them win. Please don't let them win. You've been hurt enough, don't let them do this to you. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

There is no way we can forget we knew you. That is not happening fellow.


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Hi Cipher, I hope to see you online tomorrow. :( Your post has saddened me, is there anything I can do to help? :hug:
I'm new, and I saw this forum, and i just thought i should post something now before i change my mind....I'm in a time in my life right now and I'm putting on an act so everyone will thnk that I'm ok...but the thing is, i'm not ok, very from ok...i dnt know...i dnt know how to open up or even talk to anyone about...well....anything...i dnt know...my mind keeps jumping back and forth from "I have to die", "I have to self harm", "no one notices me", "I'm completely worthless, so wat's the point of even becoming suicidal again, no one notices me anyway".....
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