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    Well... so I realized something kind of crazy today... well unhealthy I suppose is a more correct term for what I'm realizing. I've created another life for myself. Whenever I am sad or lonely or desperate in my own life and I run off to my other world. No literally of course, just... in my imagination. I imagine a boy there, that boy changes often, but he is always the man I want and the man I need. I use to imagine boys I knew saying certain things to me, doing certain things, lol, etc etc. Sometimes it turns sexual and I masturbate to my fantacies, other times I just allow myself to imagine what it would be like to be loved. Well... these... day dreams I suppose you could call them... are the only place I take my guard down. The men I imagine are the only people who see the real me... Am I crazy? Should I be working harder to be that person around everyone, not just my imaginary friends? lol.... wow I sound crazy. Oh well... if ever there was a place to sound crazy this is it.
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    fantasizing i think others do to helpthem cope some. If it helps you stay safe and stable i don't think there is harm in it but bring it up to your doctor okay
    Doctor will let you know if it is not a good thing or not take care
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    fantasizing once in a while is ok, however doing it all the time, I think messes with you in reality... you set expectations for people, or someone, and in reality usually they are nothing like what you fantasize about, you fall in love of the "idea of them" rather than actually who they are... and thats a dangerous path to do down, because the disappointments are inevitable, I think you should fantasize less, and interact more with people...

    I say this from experience... but to each their own... I'm still facing a lot of issues I guess because I lived in my fantasy too much and had similar expectations in reality... of people, work, school, etc...

    Just know your boundries, and keep your goals etc realistic in reality...
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    Probly the only reason I'm sticking around :laugh:. I also think there's a thin line between fantasizing and hope. I do it most of the time during school because it's oh so boring :dry:. Only thing I can really do to pass the time and still look as though I'm remotely paying attention to what the teacher is saying.