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my second attempt

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well heres my second attempt which i attempted only 3 weeks ago

wat i used-a shitty jump rope from the dollar store (i dont have much money so its all i could get/afford)

wat i did- its a saturday night, my best and only friend just killed himself the day before by jumping off his dads works building, he died on impact, i unfortuanlly witnessed it all. now back to wat i was talking about, i told myself that i have nobody and nothing to live for so i snuck to the dollar store and bought a jump rope then went home and went in my closet and locked the door and started crying then after about 5 mins i tied the jump rope around a pipe and made a loop and stood on a stool and put the rope around my neck and kicked the stool away and then i remember hanging their gasping and trying to breath then i blackd out and woke up an hour later with a horrible headache and found out the rope snapped, the loop was still around my neck and the end was still on the pipe, but they just werent connected.

well that was my whole second attempt, any question just leave a message.



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What was going through mind while you were hanging there? It must've been so strange...needless to say it is good to see you well. Thank you for sharing!


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That's quite similar to my last attempt. I didn't give up, either. After I woke up I tried hanging myself again, and when it still didn't work I cut my wrist. You've gone through an awful lot for someone your age, and as I said in repsonse to your other thread, it sounds like you need help.
wat was going through my mind was just, "Robbie, its over u can finally be out of ur misery" it kept going through my mind over and over again

also im sorry... i cant get help professionaly, i just cant take the councilers

but that doesnt mean all of u on the forum cant help

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Alright im 17 from Scotland, I tried hanging and you must need a big as rope because mine snapped aswell even tho i tested it before hand i think its the swinging and the weight that might slowly rip the rope apart i dont know. Im 17 nearly 18 and iv hated life ever since i was young i think 12-13 was the time i started thinking suicidle thoughts. Sorry about your mate that would fuck up my mind even more if i saw my friend kill himself. What i told myself when i was young was to wait till i hit 18 then if lifes still is shit i would do it, i tried last year at 16 because i got refused for the army and i have small amount of friends and around depressed people. So what id say to you is to wait till your 18 at least and you can see if its good for you because everyone with suicidle thoughts is different but with the same problem, if not no stopping you do it, theirs loads of success stories about people that were suicidle wen they were young but then became "sucessful" and happy so you might aswell see if you can be that person. Iv got serious problems probebly similar to you. I cant get a job well a good one i seem to be fake and seem conifdent infront of friends and family but inside i cant my mind of it. Id just say wait till your 18 ino that seems far away but its not seriously. Good look anyway and try to look at the bright side of life and dont let people get you down again good luck mate :smile: if you wanna talk just PM me
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