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My shining light

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Does anyone else feel that suicide is their shining light?

Everything is cold, miserable and dark. Yet suicide offers my only light.

When I think of suicide I think of all of the bad things I will never have to subject myself to again. :biggrin: I don't cry about the things I will never see or do. I will never do or see those things anyway. I see hope in suicide.

I am not religious so I don't see any future after suicide. It just represents the end.

My final wish will be to ensure that my organs are donated to sick people. :mellow: At least then I will have done something important. That would be a great gesture I think. When I think of suicide I smile.:smile: The only negative side is how to ensure I achieve my aim.:sad: I fear waking up in hospital. :ohmy: Got to do it right...and do so while preserving my organs. Tough one. :mad:

I would like to set an example to all those who do commit suicide. I think people can be very emotional and self absorbed when they commit suicide. I want to show that suicide can be a logical and rational decision made with a smile. :smile: I want to show that the death of one who is unhappy can not only bring happiness to that unhappy person, but by organ donation it can do great good to others.

Of course it must be stressed that from what I have read on this forum a lot of the people need help and want help. They should stay strong and NOT do anything drastic :mellow: , but I just wanted the opportunity to write down MY thoughts on a non-judgemental forum.

Thanks. :cool:


I think it is good to be a organ donor regardless of how that happens. I do understand the feeling that suicide will end pain thus it seems like the answer. I also think it can be logical in how it is handled but you would need to be pretty strong or just numb. Harming yourself does and should bring up strong emotions. It is our mind/bodies way of saying "hold on a second, are you sure?" I can't judge any one elses suicidal ideation as I would not want mine judged. I do hope that those that have some hope or will to live try everything you can to stay alive. You don't get a second chance when you harm yourself.


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its kind of the same for me, but my cold light comes from sadness, not suicide. although they kinda go hand in hand :P i think ive bonded with sadness and to live without it would make me feel empty...
edit: and about organ donation...im kind of torn about this, when i die i wish for my body to return to the earth naturally ( eaten/absorbed by other living things). giving me organs would be similar but since i also think the earth has way too many humans already so theres really no reason in prolonging another's life =/
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I feel comfort when I think about suicide. I know it will be my ultimate escape if I ever need it. If it ever comes down to it, I can always take mylife and be free.

It probably sounds weird to hear that, but it's true. I really do feel comfort in suicidal thoughts.
I can see how suicide would bring an end to the bad things in life. And I can understand how having that option is comforting. It's freedom, you know the only thing you really have and own is yourself. Your life is the only thing you have the power to directly control, without interference from others.

But I don't understand the idea that dying will make someone happy. I believe there's more after life (I won't try to convince anyone, but I've experienced some things myself). But I also believe that dying only brings an end to you as a person. Dead people don't have feelings or experiences. It's the end of sadness just as much as it is the end of happiness.

I've been happy before and I know I will be again (one way or another). Depression doesn't last forever, though I know it often seems like it. Knowing that you have the freedom to live your life, or not, as you choose, is comforting.


Suicide's my only motivation to keep living :) Specifically, if I know I can end it all, I have nothing to lose by living out the present moment. I have the same comfort you guys are talking about.
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