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my shit life.. short story

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by i-am-sam, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. i-am-sam

    i-am-sam Member

    ive been depressed for over 4 years now it started from love.. i have never had a girlfriend or even kissed a girl to this day for that matter..

    i have two or three real friends.. i have 80+ people on my msn list but i only get 1-2 contacts talking to me with out me starting a conversation.. my mobile sits under my bed with 100+ numbers but i never have any missed calls or messages.. im always hanging around different people at school and not many really like to talk to me or want to hold a good conversation.. i could stand in a group of so called good friends for an hour and not have one word said to me appart from maybe a stupid comment or some crap as such.. from ever since i can remember ive been obese and ugly being obese has a huge impact on life although i am not majorly obese it affects me so bad!.. im no good with things at school.. i spend 80% of my time on my computer listening to music doing nothing.. im always bored.. i only go out with one mate and he doesnt really like doing much and he doesnt have a great deal of money so its hard to really do much with him.. half of my family doesnt talk to my family and are real assholes..

    i find myself depressed and wanting to commit suicide everyday at some point! wishing i had a girlfriend wishing i wasnt fat wishing i had a future! i dont know what to do with myself..
  2. marthijn1987

    marthijn1987 Guest

    Hi Sam,

    How old are you?

    You say that you have 80+ people on your MSN list,I have almost no one on my MSN list, only a copple of people of school to talk with about school!

    Do you have 100 numbers on your mobile? I have 2 numbers, also again from school. :mellow:

    You should not worry about that, because of this 21 century live we all think we should sent mobile E-mails a thousand times a day, and that we should go out every week. It makes me also nervous.

    2 years ago I also thought, owh my god, I have more friends, go out,etc. But now I don't need that,but this is per person different of course.

    You have at least one friend!
  3. i-am-sam

    i-am-sam Member

    Hello, im 16...
    most of the contacts are people i havent even met or people who dont even wana talk to me, most people on phone are "to popular for me" it just gets me that i really have no good friends at school only one friend outside school who i never do normal stuff with..
    please feel free to add me to msn for a conversation!
  4. marthijn1987

    marthijn1987 Guest

    I have add you on MSN!
  5. i-am-sam

    i-am-sam Member

    i feel so shit... both my parents are on holidays from work and my dad pisses me off he doe snothing and always tries to start shit with my mum... i want to fuckign bash him! my mum tries so hard and he just fuck everything up... i cant wait till he goes back to work..

    some great holiday im fuckign having!
  6. hello0

    hello0 New Member

    i feel exactly the same
  7. lachrymose

    lachrymose Account Closed

    Go on a diet? Face it, if you think being fat is a big problem in your life, then the problem will not get better unless you decide to lose the extra weight.
  8. Manny.Prime

    Manny.Prime Member

    lol, you're only 16.
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