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My shyness and yesterday


OK Yesterday was my birthday and I went to karaoke with some friends from a depression support group. Actually sang some songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit, Toxicity, Numb, Crawling, Blurry, etc.

Also invited some friends from a program I go to, one male and female. So there is this girl I like from my DSG(Depression Support Group). So anyway the last song I sung is Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls and I dedicate it to "someone specific in the room." But I didn't say who, but there wasn't that many people who I knew with me at the time(there was before).

So anyway we talked about a lot of different things and she did a lot of nice gestures.Offer to buy me a drink for my bday and mcdolands afterwards, and told me happy birthday. Gave me a few hugs and touch me on the shoulder and started a conversation.

But the hard part for me is my male friend is pretty much a mac and I am not sure if she is more interested in him. :-(

They disappeared for like 30 mins from the karaoke place(just in time for me to sing Iris to her(but not tell her it was for her directly). Then all 3 of us went to mcdolands to continue to celebrate my bday, in which she bought me something. Which I didn't want her to, but she wanted to contribute to my birthday. Anyway we went to the train and I had to go uptown and they had to go downtown so they went together.

So I told him I would call him at 8am, so I did that today. He wasn't home his roommate picked up. Then I call again at 11am, still not home. He told me it was cool to call at that time, but he is not home? Of course my first thought is that there at her place doing gods know what! But she did say she would be late to our group due to the fact she has work today. Still she could have called in "sick" to be with him. BTW He bought her some drinks, which I should have done but I didn't think of it at the time.

Anyway long story I know, I guess I assume way to much. But I got a lot of cool signs of interest in at least friendship but I am not sure. I guess she likes him and not me.

What should I do?



New Member
I say, just talk to her. I'm always like this for every single relationship, but once I start talking, it's more comfortable and I'm less shy and then everything goes ok. Then when you think you're ready, just ask her out or something. Don't wait because before you know it, you won't be able to get the chance to.

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