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My Sister Doesn't Understand My Condition

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My sister really doesn't understand my depression. She understands with my mom, cause my mom has it and she sticks up for her all the time, but if I'm depressed and don't feel like talking she'll insult me and shout at me. She'll say stuff like "you're just like a child." and "you really don't understand what you've got. You're just like a brat" and hello..? I'm depressed..? She doesn't get it. I sometimes feel like punching her face in but it's not worth it.. I just had to get this out of my system..
And right now, she lives in England but she's visiting us in America for 6/7 weeks..When I found out she was coming, I was so angry. I hate it when she's here. She steals the attention and everything because she's better than me, prettier, smarter, she pretty much has the life..She doesn't understand, y'know? She walked out on me when I was little to go to England with her fiancé, she doesn't understand what it's like moving halfway across the country..How can she talk? She is perfect and doesn't have depression. How can she talk?

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sorry your sister is so misunderstanding hun can she stay at a motel and not with you that way she won't be in your face all time tell her she will have to stay else where.


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She can't stay else where..We have 5 bedrooms and my mom and dad would call me stupid and selfish for asking her to go somewhere else.. My mom agrees with her most times anyway.. :s Just needed to get it off my chest though, and thanks for caring. ♥
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