my sister drives me nuts!!!

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    It is 4:30am and my sister just called to ask me to let her in the house. She is way past her curfew and who is out so late on a tuesday night? I think about not letting her in and making her call my mom, but then I would feel bad because my mom works really hard and does get enough sleep as it is. As I am thinking about this I hear here talking to someone else on the phone. She called my aunt, who lives with us and is a total softy. My sister treates her horribly, demmanding that she cooks for her and then complaining about what my aunt makes (even if it is exactly what my sister asked for). My sister is always ask my aunt for money too. It drives me crazy because I am the "good child" and my sister is a fuck up. She doesn't care about any one or have any responsibility. She got a almost new car less than 4 years ago and she has completely destroyed it. There are dents all over it and tape on the lights. The inside is disgusting the floor is covered in trash and the seats are stained. It smells like cheap air fresheners and cigarettes too. What really bothers me though is how my sister complains about driving a "beater" she destroys a car with no consequences then complains about it. Mean while I am working 3 jobs and going to school.

    Ughhhhhh I can't stand her. she is so irresponsible and whenever you call her out or catch her in a bold face lie, she has the nerve to bitch at you. It is incredible. She starts cursing like it was someone else who screwed up.
    My mom doesnakt know how to deal with her and she pisses me off so much.
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    Sorry to hear that your sister is causing so many problems sarah. I have two sisters like this to deal with. :eek:hmy:
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    Sarah it sounds exactly like my brother. He blames everyone for his mistakes instead of just owning up to it and fixing it. I'm sorry your sister is the one that gets everything while you bust your ass. Think about this way though. When you have a solid career, making money on your own, you'll realize what an accomplishment that is while your sister is still begging for money and complaining about everything. You'll realize that you're way better off than she is. Take care hun.
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    Hey Sarah,

    I have a sister just like that too, totally irresponsible and doesn't care about anyone. I'm sure you will end up much better than her in the end, so be proud of yourself that you are smart, responsible ,caring and work for a living. Hopefully your sister will grow out of it. I wish you the best of luck sweetie :hug:
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    Hey everyone, thanks for your encouraging words. Last week was crazy. My family found out that my sister had taken my grandma's credit card and charged $500. My sister lied about it and my whole family was yelling. My grandma took all this very personally and she has been in bad shape since (she is 93). Meanwhile, I had an interview for this great job and I couldn't prepare as well as I would have liked because of all the drama. Anyways... today I found out that I was selected for the next round of interviews!! :D so I wanted to share that with everyone! Stay positive!
    Thank you again