My sleep schedule is rough again.

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It's not that I'm finding it hard to sleep. In fact it's somewhat easy, due to the fact I take melatonin every night. But I guess I've just become...unmotivated to sleep. I'm too lazy to put my things away, or I'm too busy thinking about stressful or upsetting things, or maybe I just don't want to sleep. I've found I want to sleep in the day, and stay awake at night....

Last night I stayed on my phone until 2am because I had a particularly bad argument/disagreement with my friend. And then it probably took me until 3am to go to sleep - I don't know that for sure though, I don't have a clock in my room. *confused It's about half past midnight for me. I'm really tired, I've been exhausted all day. But I can't bring myself to sleep. I've had an especially rough few days I feel, I think I may be at my lowest (not that it won't get worse lol...that seems to happen a lot...just my lowest i've been as of yet).

Bet my body's right mad at me though, taking melatonin and then proceeding to not lay down when it kicks in which causes me to struggle to sleep when I finally do lay down. *rant
Sorry that you're going through this. Do you mostly want to vent about this, or do you want suggestions about what to do?
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