my so called ex friends

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    I am having such a shit time right now?

    My soon to ex friend H has excluded me from absolutely everything social, life and basically she's the queen bee, she has lots of friends, university degree in law and a job. I haven't

    My friend B hasn't responded to my calls and texts in months, have I done something wrong?

    my ex friend to be, won't speak to me over a disagreement in which i turned up to her place and she never answered the door.

    my ex friend K rarely talks as it is we are not close anymore, seeing her once a year over xmas is not a friendship.

    my local mind is closing down so thats my so life down the poxy drain, there's no clubs to join in my town unless i like getting hammered /pissed or unless I have learning disability, under 16, years of age, over 65 or a toddler. So telling me to go and make new friends is impossibe and when i do make new friends they give me fake email/mobile numbers that don't exist, with the number Samartains or childline or some other poxy dating number disguised as a mobile number
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    I am sorry to hear that you are suffering. Friends who give you grieve are not true friends. True friends would support you in your situation. Yes, sometimes it's hard to make friends but you deal with people in various ways. Ok, there are no social clubs hereby but perhaps how about making friends such as pen pals. There must be internet sites where you can make friends. Please do not worry about, H, K, B and ex-friend as they need to realise you are hurting and need support. You are among friends here and we try our best to help you. Please do not worry now and be safe. Take care.