my spending is out of control

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    So I'm currently on benefits and have been fro nearly a year, i never thought I'd be on them but i was in crisis financially but now i just keep spending money on ridiculous this and have nothing to show for it.

    I'm meant to be saving up for things but i always say i will but never do.
    For the past 3 months i decided to spent a huge amount of money on art and craft pieces for my hobby but now really regretting it. As i wanted to sell some of it but not having much luck and have to be careful about still being on benefits (which i was going to stop, but since i had no luck stayed on)

    I keep being impulsive, still buying art and craft pieces even though I'm not selling and recently spend a lot on weight loss things too.
    I don't know why i keep spending.
    I need to keep myself busy with my hobbies but i don't have the money to keep them going.
    I want to lose weight but the things i'm buying will most likely not have any effect as i tried them when i was younger.

    I'm only 20, I'm skint so i can't go out with friends and now i have resorted to stealing money off family etc again.

    It's my birthday soon and i know the money i get for that will be blown on useless stuff again :/

    Don't know what to do :(
  2. Terry

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    The worst thing about being on benefits is its not quite having enough to live on and makes you feel like you can't have anything, hence, I think, the over spending :unsure:

    Write down all the money you need to pay out, rent, food, bills etc.
    Deduct that from what you've got coming in and then put aside a little for something pleasurable, like a night out or supplies.
    If you can't make yourself do it, how about giving the money to someone you trust and let them give you an allotted amount of pocket money?
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    I have a payee. I am on benefits also. They manage all my money, because I would be completely irresponsible without supervision.

    You may want to check into it.