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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by ThoseEmptyWalls, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. ThoseEmptyWalls

    ThoseEmptyWalls Well-Known Member

    I dont really know why Im posting this. I dont want advice I just want to get my thoughts out and work out my feelings on the subject. It helps me to do that so in the end thats why I decided to post this here. Many of you will probably find this a stupid thing to get upset over but to me its serious and worth being upset over.... Well a few months back I had my ssi hearing in front of this horrible judge. She was mean, rude, and it took all I had not to throw something at her. The first hearing she smarted me off, told me to shut up, and then sent me home. Only to rescedule for two months later and then cancel it so she could have a personal day. Finally had a full hearing. It went great..I kept my cool and the courts expert testified there were ZERO jobs avialable for me based on the findings. How could I loose? Well I spoke with the lawyers office yesterday and they said they recieved notice the judge had made a desicion and was signing off on it soon. But they had no idea what it would be yet as the judge didnt sign it yet. She said it probably was a no because it took so long but the judge could of just been busy. She was a picky ass judge, kept asking for more and more information, so perhaps she was just slow and it was a YES. but no one knew..I got so upset when I heard it could of been a no. It ruint my day, I got angry, i got upset, I got depressed. I already have a small lawyer bill I cant pay right now and cant until next year unless I win the case.. If I loose Im screwed..The bills are mounting, we need money so bad. I cant work..I get to nervous, I cant deal with people in charge, its so much.. The thought of going thru ssi court case hell to get told no..Its upsetting.. Im still holding onto the hope I get told yes..Its difficult to be positive at this stage though.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I am sorry they are making you wait so long. It could be that she is just going over everything and hasn't make a final decision yet. I hope you get help don't give up hope yet okay. Hang in there let us know what happens we are here for you take care.
  3. ThoseEmptyWalls

    ThoseEmptyWalls Well-Known Member

    I was told this judge is new at being a ssi judge. The lawyer said she was a regular old judge but had only been with the ssi offices for a few months when my case was handed to her...Its just so hard to be positive at this point. The judge has just been plain rude in my oppinion. I feel so picked on... In my entire life there was only about a year that I remember being happy for the entire time.. These past few years have drove me almost to my breaking point. Some how Im still managing to hold onto a little hope but its dwindling away quick..
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    She is new and yes arrogant but lets hope she has some kind of insight and says yes there is still hope being new she just needs more time to go over things.
  5. ThoseEmptyWalls

    ThoseEmptyWalls Well-Known Member

    Thats what I thought too. I assumed she was asking for all kinds of extra information to make a name for herself. Im sure she wants to be thought of as a good judge. I figure she asked for all that extra information (although silly things to ask for) because she wanted to have all the information and be thurough (spelling I know) at her job. I keep telling myself that and it helps a little. I just cant help but feel picked on.. Her two cases before me lasted all of 5 minutes and she awarded them on the spot (They werent quiet about telling those waiting for them outside about it). I just felt picked on for whatever reason. I dont understand why she picked my case to be so thurough on. Whatever the reason Im hoping for a good outcome. Right now theres nothing I can do but wait and hope..
  6. twoasone

    twoasone New Member

    It took me 3 LONG years to finally get my SSI case approved. Yes my Judge was also mean to me as well. I was scared to death that he would deny my case. It took another 6 months after that to get my money. He demanded a review in 2 years and I'm scared to death that when they review my case that I will get denied. I don't know why I feel this but it's part of my disorder I suppose. Just hang in there and hopefully this Judge will approve your case. Good Luck.
  7. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Hey Kristin,
    If it's any consilation when they do o.k. it, they will pay you back to day one when you first applied.. You will get a lump sum check that you can pay your lawyers with..Keep after it.. For some people it takes a while.. In the mean time you can get a letter from your phsychiatrist and therapist.. Thats all it took for me and I had my case o.k.'d in six months..They also sent me to see there shrink and a regular doctor.. I took copies of the letters to there shrink so that helped..
    Don't give up.. If you truly want it then keep up the battle.. Take care!!
  8. worlds edge

    worlds edge Well-Known Member

    I was considering going the SSI route myself, but I seem to be doing a lot better lately, so I'm going to try to go to work. (We'll see how that goes... :unsure: ... but that's another topic for another day. )

    Anyway, one of the things my therapist told me is that he's NEVER seen a case that was not denied on the first go-round...though he also said he hasn't had a huge number of clients that have gone this route, so hopefully that's just a statistical fluke.
  9. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    Paper trail.

    The only way to have a paper trail is to go to mental health regularly. I was denied 12 years ago, 9 years ago, and this time I was approved within 6 months.

    Go to mental health tell them what is happening inside of yourself. My problem is I felt "stupid" talking about things I thought were not important to others. Also, I would try to put on a brave front.

    The people at mental health are not mind readers. I have to tell them what's going on.

    If you get denied, appeal, appeal, appeal, and reapply if necessary. Get to mental health and describe your anguish and how your depression has invaded and severely interfered in your life.

    I know it is so hard. I hated it every step of the way. I hate the system where everyone thinks they're a demi-god and know everything. Then they are short with us, seemingly like they don't care. I hate them.
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