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My stepdad is lucky i wasnt there the other night

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Sorry for the late reply, were not living at home and the place were at doesnt have the net.

We have an AVO out on him, but hes broken them before.

So were not staying at our house, were just all over the place atm.
Its a shit time for this to happen aswell considering how all over the place my mind has been.

So now im just all over the place physicaly and mentally haha.

I hope he goes to jail, or necks himself beforehand.
He sure as hell deserves it, and we have enough on him so that he will kill himself.


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So glad you are safe! I was concerned about you...and please know you do not deserve this...his pathology does not reflect who you are as a person...please continue to let us know how you are doing...big hugs, J
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