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my story so far....

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Hi Everyone,

I am a part of this forum because I can be very sensative and so negative thinking that can make me feeling down and even thinking of death...

...but what happend so far. One of the things was work, I finally found a job and today it was my first day. First 2 weeks training and then the real deal.

I am also not that down anymore and I feel better...
...a reason can be that I have now medication from my pschycologist and I feel that it is working. Only they make me very tired and I feel so plain, so neutral...not sad or happy, just in the middle. Maybe the dosis is to high, but waiting to hear for my next appointment at the pschycologist.

I am better doing and less time being sad. Even with my relationship with my gf is not making me bad anymore, ofcourse it is still not right, but I maybe can handle it better. Only I hope everything comes good (see my other topics)

This topic is just to let you see that all things go well, but I stay normal and see how future will be. I will try give people hope here if they need it.

Thank you all


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Hi, Marti. I'm glad to hear that many things have improved for you! That does give people here hope :) Congratulations on getting a job and good news that things with your gf are going all right and you feel you can handle things.

The neutral feeling you describe might just be because things are no longer a crisis situation - things have slowed down a bit. However, I agree with you that you ought to talk to the psychologist about doses. Sometimes they have to work that out a few times.

I'm so happy for you that things are going well. Keep us updated!

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Hi thanks for updating us hun i hope just some tinkering with your meds and you will feel not so drowsy it will take time for everything to level out right. Glad you and your gf are getting along better hugs to you


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Thanks for letting us know and being a living proof that things do change...how we think and feel also changes...

All the best to you!!
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