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My story type thing

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I'm not really much of a talker, so this is probably the only time I'll ever write anything like this.

The main part of the story, i wont write on here, but it happened when i was 5, and the mental and physical scaring from the event had never really left me. Maybe if i had seeked help from a younger age... i mightnt be this bad.

The next year we moved states, so obviously schools. I have been bullied both mentally and physically all the way through my schooling. I remember that i used to burst into tears when mum dropped me off in the morning. I would get dragged into class.. then come home and get told to toughen up..

I've been compared to my younger sister, the favourite in the family over everything. She's the 'perfect' one, even though the only reason shes perfect is because she will happily conform to society. I've always been the weirdo because i will stand up for what i believe in. This just gets me further shunned by my family.

Everyday i cook for my family and clean up after everyone, while my sister and dad sit on the ass's. The moment my mum comes home i get yelled at... most the time its for something as minor as the kitchen sink hasnt been wiped out properly, or something that shouldnt be my responsibility, like the state of my sisters room.

None of my friends ever come over to my house anymore.. because they are sick of seeing me get yelled at for everything. So because im constantly grounded for stuff i havent done, i rarely get to see any form of support from my mates... I see them at school.. but there is no where private enough that i would be able to talk freely.

Theres a lot more i could mention... but i feel like a whiny child so i wont continue.

I started cutting when i was 12, and first attempted suicide when i was 13. by the time i was 14, i was addicted to weed, and cigarettes. I would drink heavily every night. However after my nan died of smoking.. i did everything i could to stop all of that.. which i finally completed about 6 months ago.. at 15 and a half.

Ive always been skinny, but i continously fluctuate between being a fairly healthy weight, and being seriously underweight. ive been known to go a couple of weeks without a proper filling meal.

So yea.. thats a brief story of my life type thing.. im sorry about the bad spelling.. but if i stop writing, ill chicken out and not post it.
Sorry about sounding like a whinging child...

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Hi hun no you are not sounding like a whiny kid you sound like you are sad and suffering. I hope you can talk to someone hun a councillor at your school about how you are feeling. You can post here anytime okay let the sadness out here No one will judge you or make fun of you here hugs
I dont care who reads this, I am with you sister, keep fighting, I am right behind you, even though I am just a friend, I am damn proud of you...... keep fighting.....
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