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  1. Around 2011 my mother moved down to south carolina, 1 reason was she thought her father would help her with the move when in reality he wanted her to move next to some dead town where he lives, when she wouldn't he decided not to help her. 2 she decided God ordered her to move down here, she uses that as an excuse for not taking responsibility to moving to a place with no prior knowledge. We came from newyork.

    Ever since I've been here there has been nothing but tragedy, My mom and I are always on the verge of having our lights cut off and constantly have to get help from charities. We go to food banks and all we have in the fridge now is A thing of bread, peanut butter and jelly and my mom only has 5 bucks in her account. It took her a long time to find a job and for a while the only job she could get was at K-marts, and then she started working at grading students for their GED tests but that only pays 15 and hour when she was told it would pay 20. We both thought we we're going to be rich. :tongue: Well rich compared to before. I had a job during the summer but the bosses would often give me opposite direction(one tells me to was dishes, another to wait tables) Even after explaining another boss asked me to wait tables I still was penalized, eventually fired because I "had a bad attitude" when in reality I simply did what I was told. I couldn't find a job after that.

    I met a girl down here, she decided to only be "friends" with me, well she pretended to be my friend for 1`year, we texted back and forth constantly. And then 3 days ago she says some crap about us not being "real" friends so I cut her off completely. I was torn. She was abused when she was younger and came from a tough life so she has these anger spurts and she can be overaggressive. I'm sick of her to be honest. I think she had way too much freedom growing up despite the abuse, going out late and partying all night(doing hardcore drugs) and she works at her mothers business. She expects everyone to be as far ahead in life as she is because she was handed alot of things. And she wins alot of pageants down here(that's popular down here). She thinks she is a princess so she has to always be right about everything. And then when you disagree she resorts to name calling or vain madness.

    I keep telling my mom we should move, she keeps saying it's God's plan for us to be down here. But she agrees if her job doesn't start paying more she will move. She goes a little "crazy" sometimes. Sometimes she will cry or pray all day because we are suffering so badly. This one place I called said they are "taking applications" so I might try them out. I had a friend at this one place I used to eat at and she got promoted to manager. There was an ad on craigslist. When I went in to talk to her about it she stopped treating me as a friend entirely and then when I followed up on she claimed the application was for another restaurant and they were all full there. I'm just sick of this place, everything about it. It's way to small and there is no city, no tall buildings. I'm a city guy, I can't survive in a small town like this.
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    I know I would not do well with an adjustment like that...glad you mom has another job and hope she decides that you can move...sounds like you will be happier...keep up the job never know when something will come