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    I'm not sure why nobody likes me. I sometimes wonder whether it's the way I speak, walk, talk, dress or something that I'm missing... I'm not a very social person, however much I try to be.

    When I was 4, my Dad held a knife to my Mum's throat and almost killed her. We'd go round to his house every weekend and he'd shout at us (me, my brother and my sister) then start smoking weed.

    Then when it came to the time he would drop us off back at our home, he'd hit our Mum. When she decided it was enough, he threatened to slit her neck, and smashed our windows with a brick.

    I haven't seen him for around 9 years and so far my Mum has met no-one but ass-holes. She's 30 and she's dating a 50 year old. He's nice, but it just puts me off.

    Then there's my neighbours. Like I said, I'm not very social and have no school-friends in my area. Except from my neighbour, Jack, who is 14. He's the only one I can play with and shares my interest in games, yet he takes the mickey out of me, and makes me feel bad.

    So bad, that I cry and then his older brother and his friend start doing it and throw my toys out of their window into the garden. I'm trapped, I have no-one else to play with.

    I think my brother feels the same, except he's got a girlfriend. Another thing I'll probably never have. I've lost the will to fight for friends... I've given up.
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    Oh man. I'm so sorry to hear all about this stuff. If you ever just need someone to listen, I'm here. PM or e-mail anytime you'd like ( I too am kind of anti-social. My friends are all really mean except for one of them so I know how hard it is not having anyone to talk to. But seriously, PM anytime you need to talk to someone. Even if it is just to rant. Feel free and take care. :hug:
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    Thank you. There are times when I feel happy but then I remember all that stuff and I feel sad again. :sad:
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    How are you feeling today hun :arms: